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Trusted Psychic Medium Christine Wallace On What Is A Medium?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

A medium is just how it sounds it's to be in the middle but a psychic medium is the same but different in the sense of being a part of two worlds and sitting on the middle of the fence between them and to take messages from one dimension and bring into the other with a medium as it's center being.

Can anyone be a psychic or psychic medium? yes and no in my 30 years experience I have found this ability can be an inherited gift , some day just popping up on you out of the blue and the others is when we really dive deeply into spiritualism just open up that portal to the other side not even wanting to.

Having psychic ability is not easy to describe It’s like being able to see through people’s thoughts and see their intentions. I can see what they’re trying to do, and how they want things to happen.

But this type of spiritual work was not meant for the faint of heart, and it's not something you can choose to be its more about being chosen by the other side or to be accepted as one who sends and receives messages and no that's not everyone but this doesn't mean your out of the loop because you can come in and request this service as part of your reading and I can connect to the other side.

(Leave it to the pro's)

don't attempt to jump in and do this one your own especially if you don't have anyone who has experience to help you, the reason for this and this also speaks to Ouija Boards , yes they are used as mediums to the other side but we don't know what we might be inviting or how to close that portal if we accidently opened it so if you want to have a session in a safe place with me and not feel stressed about it I highly recommend booking with me or someone you trust that you know has this gift.

What Can Be Discovered When Seeing A Psychic Medium?

1, warnings

2. closer

3.messages from family that have passed on

4.connect with spirit guides

5. solutions to problems

Above are just some of the possibilities but honestly you never know what might come through or who might be send the message it could be a friend a relative and angel or a spirit guide.

Thank you for reading this post I would love to read some of your comments


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