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Relationship Feel Uncertain? Psychic San Francisco Christine .W is Here To Help

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Healing Video Below.Happiness really doesn't have to be in some far away place in the distant future, believe it or not you can be happy now!

Mostly people feel bad or unhappy because they believe they're behind time and need to play catch-up, comparing their lives to others and seeing themselves as a failure next to whoever they compare themselves to.

Or maybe you are hanging around terribly people , even worse these toxic ppl might be family and you feel guilty if you walked away. Maybe you are in a relationship with a person who is a narcissist/ controlling and treats you badly and maybe u stay because it's better than being alone or maybe you think this is the best you can do and there's no one else out there for you. You might be staying in a job you hate because the money is good so its worth the sacrifice for you but what if your wrong about all of the above.

Toxic energy in your life contaminates your energy field and in most cases people are not aware of it, your fears, anxiety and self doubt pour out of you the minute you care of fall in love with someone, your partner feels that and runs, if they love you a lot they will stick around for awhile trying to fix things but if they don't see or feels a change they become overwhelmed, start to feel you are insatiable and never seem to look back.

All of the above have a common denominator which is how you think needs to change 😑 all of the above examples are that of a person who doesn't believe, doesn't have faith or hope and living and spending too much time in their head and now you've been making major life decisions on fear, yup you heard me out of fear. So your in survival mode all the time not thrive mode and even though you might feel unlucky or or even blaming the world for your troubles and feeling you've done your personal best to do right. There is no right or wrong there are only actions, reactions and lots of miss understandings . You have no idea how many words and actions get misunderstood in the course of a day, how many reactions and actions aren't your own but how you've been influenced by your environment and constantly setting yourself up for failure by comparing yourself to someone else's life who is nothing like you , (your in a league of your own. And so might be the person you sometimes compare yourself to. please Calm yourself down, breathe 🧘‍♀️ and collect yourself when you realize you might be over reacting , miss understanding the message or being unreasonable or difficult because your feelings from your past pain or some other negative events might be influencing your actions and reactions in the now. You need to let it go .

There's no one world die hard right way to be or live. Many philosophers and religions have attempted to do that but all of us seem to have different views on the same subjects depending on who you ask and today most wars are either about religion or fighting over how we should be or live and of course at the end of the day there is no right or wrong only what works and doesn't work this is in fact the truth. What works for me might not work for you but all of this is the universe pushing you to open your eyes to live , change and heal your life now ,don't put off things be sure .

To appreciate our differences and finding life enjoyable. Life was meant to be lived your way for you and not to force your way onto others because they are different than you and what makes them tick and how they process information in their mind works for them this doesn't mean your not normal if you don't agree. In the end the meaning of all this is to realize that you must have pure intentions in everything you say, do and speak, anything coming from past influences of others judgments or anyone you've had been hurt or disappointed by this is not coming from a good place this is coming from a bad or toxic experience that is influencing your life in the present and nothing good will come from bad other than learning we are all different and anyone who abused you, hurt you, took advantage of you feel confident that they are acting out from their own toxic past and the vicious cycle continues but now it has multiplied.

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