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  • Psychic Reading with Tarot Cards

    275 US dollars
  • You hold the story of your life in the palm of your hands, literally.

    75 US dollars
  • What is in your future? Tea leaf reading will reveal all!

    325 US dollars
  • The lovers tarot, love, soulmates and twinflames

    175 US dollars
  • Want to know how your lover feels about you?

    175 US dollars

  • Feel clear cleansed and freed from toxic energy

    300 per hour
  • Clear negative energy, dark thoughts, and heavy emotions.

    5,000 US dollars
  • Life Coaching & Relationship Goals Membership Service.

    3,500 US dollars
  • Discovery Call Via Zoom For Members In Need Of Guidance And Or Advice

  • Reiki Healing Services Now Available By Appointment Only

    90 US dollars
  • Release , Breathe And Join These Retreats To Be Lifted And Cleansed Fr...

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    45 US dollars
  • In this guided Meditation With Sailee For Chakra Cleansing And Balanci...

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    40 US dollars
  • meditative form of yoga that induces deep relaxation and a state of co...

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    60 US dollars
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