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Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace Pop Up Tarot Coming Soon!

Hello there, I hope you are enjoying the cool weather now and all is well, keep in mind anytime you want to call me you are more than welcome. I will be sending out some spiritual goodies soon and please be sure I have your address so there are no delays in getting the things you need.

As a member here I have an extra gift for you for only $50 !

I hope you had a chance to check out my online reiki healing course, this will also be good for you to work on yourself as well as others it's a certified course by the way so at the end I can send you certificate of completion so just reach out to me if you want to take advantage of this offer 855-70-TAROT you can email me as well

and I will provide you with a coupon code to purchase here's the link to check it out!

Watch this healing video and find you power with when you can feel your own aura

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