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Ghost, Demons And Other Forms Of Bad Energy. How Does This Happen?

I will tell you when it is time to get help from a psychic and if a psychic can help you with specific problem you are facing. Read below for the answers to your questions.

Some people have a psychic reading for fun with friends and do not really expect much for an inexpensive reading by a random psychic shop they pass on the street, some are just curious to see what a psychic has to say about their lives and find themselves surprised how accurate the reading really is and then there are those who are looking for spiritual help because they feel that they have tried everything they possibly can do such as therapy, working on themselves, and trying to maintain an optimistic attitude when inside they can feel like they are falling apart and when you start to feel that this is an impossible act to keep up it's time to seek spiritual help. Now here's the answer to the important question of can a psychic really help when spiritual help is needed? OH YES THEY CAN! but not every psychic can do that. A good psychic can do everything because there is no one size fits all solution everyone is different and very similar at the same time meaning they might be experiencing the same problems but not for the same reasons.Here are some examples of how negative energy can come into a person's life (brace yourself there's a lot)

1. a curse has been placed on someone using black magic out of jealousy or feeling betrayed and feels justified in doing so.

2. There is a bad karma from a past life. Many believe that past life karma always means that they have done something wrong but this is not always the case there are multiple possibilities.

3. A generational curse. Yes it can be handed down from one generation to another if the first generation did nothing to solve or address the problem it can be passed down and keep going on until one family member takes the bull by the horns and gets this spell broken!

4. A ghost spirit has attached itself to you and is bringing about sadness or depression because this is how they feel. Trapped and have no power over circumstances they don't like, feel helpless and stuck. These ghost can put these feelings onto a person they have attached themselves too. People feel it but have a hard time believing that this is even possible. It's very possible.

5. A demon has attached itself to you. Some people are so good or bad that they have captured the attention of a demon and in these situations a person's faith might be tested before it will go away , it might need to be encased and gotten rid of . A demon will play on your fears and weakness. It can be gotten rid of but demons are clever and smart so they only cause enough trouble to keep a person guessing if there is something bad around or not and it steals a person's time , works on one's confidence and self esteem. One cannot feel good about themselves when a demon is around. These need to be gone immediately! before they take too much of a person's time . The objective of a demon is for a person not to reach their goals by filling them with fear of rejection and loss of confidence. Not trusting others and not trusting your own judgment either like constantly second guessing yourself ,playing too safe and as a result no progress is truly made and all decisions are made out of fear and over consumed with surviving instead of thriving.

6. It is a big mistake to think that energy has limitations, bad energy can come in various forms and darken a person's life. Bad energy can be caught like a cold from one person to another and just like a germ it can also be transferred to objects especially metals , stones like jewels and even furniture and old toys. Houses can be haunted and so on. There are multiple situations that can happen items can simply carry a bad energy, a bad spirit or even a ghost depending on the history.

The above are just some brief examples that are very forward and to the point but there are even more possibilities.

When anything like the above is happening to a person the bad energy will attack us emotionally not very often will you see physical attack but this does happen to. It will subject us to heartbreak and disappointment from other people we care for such as spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend or even friends and family. It will also try to move us to being alone filled with negative thoughts to take us over. I try very hard to tell people this is not because something is wrong with you it is very possible there is something going on that is not obvious and needs to be dealt with spiritually because there are solutions to all of the above. If it is a real psychic they should be able to help with all of these possibilities and there is one more possibility I forgot to mention yes it is possible that you can open the door by making your own troubles and bring bad energy into your life without knowing it. Do not play with fire and always count your blessing and be grateful for the good things in your life. If you feel that you need my help in anyway do not hesitate to contact me. If you are outside the USA no worries we can set a zoom meeting and translation is available. Please contact before making a purchase. You reading can be done by zoom, email or I can even do a video and written reading response for you. All reading are 100% accurate and my membership services are guaranteed as long as you follow instructions that I give you to help solve your problems whatever they may be.

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