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Am I Cursed? Psychic Christine Wallace here to Help

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

"Am I Cursed?" 10 Symptoms of Magickal Danger How do you know if you're cursed? Daily, we receive the "Am I cursed?" question. I want to assure you that genuine curses are extremely rare. Simply put, very few practicing Witches have the skill and energetic endurance to go through such a tiring ritual! Curses aren't fun, nor are they easy. But what if you're experiencing unpleasant things you can't explain? Sure, one may believe they are experiencing just a streak of bad luck - but if on the rare occasion the streak is unusually long or persistent, here are the universal signs of someone (or something!) working against you. Call it being cursed, jinxed, goofered, hexed, crossed -- it doesn't matter, the symptoms are always the same. The symptoms of being on the receiving end of a curse tend to fall into three different categories: Psychological, Anatomical, and External. Psychological Conditions: Like any good demonologist or occultist will tell you, the most natural path of destructive entry for any spirit or energy is through your mind. The spirits or energies set to cause harm may cause the following mental symptoms to occur: Nightmares: As our conscious mind rests our subconscious mind processes and plays out the inner dialogue of the psyche. This is the time for the curse to be most active, as our watchful guard is down, and we cannot consciously process or control our experience. Do not be alarmed when you encounter occasional nightmares - those are perfectly natural. The persistent nightmares carrying the same theme or subject matter are the ones to cause concern. Consistent night terrors, all generally carrying the same theme, typically indicate early stages of a curse that is about to plague your life. Depression or Oppression without Cause: Despite adequate nutrition (check your B12 and D3 levels!), relaxation and counseling, something unknown keeps weighing you down. This mysterious feeling of unsettledness is typically an indication of present toxic energy or an entity attachment. This symptom can last throughout the lifetime of the curse and a short period beyond its removal. If left untreated, it can cause clinical psychosis. Acting Out of Character is a standard symptom of a curse or manipulative magick. If friends and loved ones show concern for your new behavior, reexamine why or how you picked up the new habits. It very well could be that they were telepathically inserted into your mind by a person wishing you harm. Anatomical Conditions: If the psychological symptoms are ignored or if the curse is designed to harm you physically, these are the symptoms to be on the lookout for. Headaches may be a cause for concern if they are persistent and if you are simply not the person that frequently gets headaches. We all know people who suffer from headaches on a weekly basis - I am in no way saying that they are definitely cursed. But when you lay down in the evening, and your scalp begins to feel tight, and there's an unusual pain or pressure on one side of the bed, take note! If the same symptom keeps repeating for 3 nights in a row, perform an immediate banishing to cleanse yourself. Chest Pressure While Sleeping may occasionally be referred to as sleep paralysis. While lying in bed and feeling intense pressure on your chest may indicate a malevolent spirit is with you. Ancient cultures throughout the world refer to all forms of sleep paralysis as an entity physically straddling you. See your doctor first to make sure there are no logical explanations for chest pressure, then see a spiritual healer or a witch. Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility, or Low Libido can occasionally indicate a witch has cursed your sexual organs for either fidelity (to keep you to him or herself) to deprive you of a growing family (such as a generational curse) or may simply be a byproduct of a general curse. As always, see your doctor or naturopath first, then visit a spiritual healer or a Witch. External Conditions: When a seemingly random chain of unpleasant events unfolds in your life, be aware of the following clues to indicate something darker is in the works.

Electrical Maladies such as unusually fast-draining cell phone battery, keyless entry car malfunctions, light bulbs exploding, or going out on an almost daily basis, computers crashing, washer/dryer suddenly breaks, etc. This is a very stereotypical sign of the energy around you becoming dense and violent. Shattered glass, such as drinking glasses, eyewear, and windows, are also affected. When one or two of these symptoms occur, do not worry -- perfectly natural. But if you persist experiencing these problems daily for over 5 days, please perform a good banishing on yourself and your home, physically clean your home and finally consult a professional occultist or spiritual healer. Extended Streak of Bad Luck For example, you get into a fender bender on your way to work, to find out you got laid-off, and your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you -- all on the same day. Followed by your apartment flooding and your cat getting cancer. Do you see where this is headed? Not one or two events going wrong, but an entire series of things. Keep in mind, when you are cursed, your money is the first thing to go. It doesn't mean you will go bankrupt - but money is always the easiest thing to increase and the quickest thing to decrease. Wrong Place at the Wrong Time The feeling as though time is slipping away from you. Somehow, if you had only made it a couple of minutes later or earlier, the situation would have consistently played out better for you. This is a symptom of being out of rhythm with your own life. An early telltale sign of something bigger brewing. Perpetual Failure In One Particular Area of Life Could be your love life never works out, your money keeps draining, or your health is always a problem. If the same theme keeps repeating in your life, evaluate what it is and what triggers it. Is it self-sabotage? Is it a lack of self-love? Or is it something far darker and deeper? After reading these symptoms, you may experience a bit of paranoia! I can assure you that very, very few people are genuinely cursed in this world. But it's always a good idea to know what signs to look for! If you are experiencing several of these curse symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you are cursed. But it does mean that you have some energetic cleaning to do! We suggest performing a Banishing Ritual to remove negative energy, attachments, and negative thoughts. ​Cleansing your living space with the smoke of Cedar will assist with clearing draining energies and spirits.

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