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Other peoples stuff

Your stuff and other peoples stuff . Have you ever noticed that when your in a good mood how you project good energy and you feel like the world is your oyster and how when you see people in a sour mood you find the strength to encourage them to see the good in themselves and in others ? but then when your not in a good mood you send out those bad vibes and everything looks so dark and dreadful ? .

Ups and downs we all have them but how can we get the good to last ?

Well my goal on this post is to tell you that yes sometimes you will feel great and sometimes you will feel awful but the target goal is not to maintain those great feelings because those are only meant for special occasions the goal is to reach a level of ok-ness the feeling of I'm ok because all in all that is the truth you are ok .

If you sitting somewhere comfortably and reading this post than yes you are ok . You may not have exactly what your after right now but nonetheless you are alright .Bad moods also have there place in us but those just like great moods have a time and place and should be saved for those for lack of a better word special occasions .

Now getting back to other peoples stuff more specifically other peoples bad vibes that they send to you are you affected by it ? absolutely you can be affected by it ! people that are not feeling good or ok inside have a tendency to push those feelings on to others they start to criticize and condescend rather than encourage, inspire and assist . Yes these projections have power and so do yours there energies that can transfer from one person to the other and they do not come from a good place . Pay attention to the mood that the person is in when they are projecting all there stuff onto to you , notice how they don't speak to you in the same way when they are in a good mood . Yes you may be one of the people that do this or you maybe someone who is an the receiving end of of the dark cloud someone sends to you but being aware is going to be so helpful to you on your journey and when you realize whats in fact happening you have the power to point out to the other person what you see and be able to also see this in yourself .

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has been a source of enlightenment to you I do look forward to serving you I have many services available for you to help lead and guide you into the right direction ,its always good to have a reading done because it is very hard when your so close to situation you become clouded feel free to contact me for an appoinment . 201-953-0658

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