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Love advice now

Thank you so much for following my blog and podcast I want to help you in your journey in anyway possible .

Lots of people come in to see a psychic because they are going through a break up,seperation or just struggling with love in general so for those who need guidance and advice of course I suggest you have a reading done and I've also written a book especially for those going through difficulty in relationships called how to make it work by Christine Wallace the guide is available on amazon,kindle and right here on my website .

This book will explain simple adjustments that you can make in a relationship that will greatly improve your relationship on a practical level by helping you understand how you are percieved by your significant other and how to undue some damage and missunderstandings .

Click the link to my blog scroll down to resource page and make some life altering purchases there are a few books I reccomend that are real eye openers

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