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10 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back: The Soulmate Connection

If you're trying to manifest a partner, there may be signs that your soulmate will soon be back in your life. These subtle signs are the universe showing you that you and your ex are forming an energetic connection beyond what the eye can see.

Top 10 Signs Your Ex is Coming Back

1. They start checking in on you on social media

This is a sign that they're curious about what's happening in your life and that they miss you.

2. You receive a call or text from your ex

Hearing from an ex, especially after no contact, is a powerful sign that they are coming back into your life. It's often the first step in knowing that you two will soon be reunited.

3. Friends or family tell you that your ex has asked about you recently

If your ex still talks to your friends or family, it's because they don't want to cut ties with every connection they have to you.

4. You start having dreams about your ex

Dreams are powerful and often a representation of what's happening between two people. Dreaming of someone symbolizes that you have been on their mind.

5. You run into your ex in random places

This is a sign that the universe is bringing your souls back together again.

6. You no longer miss your ex as you once did

When you overcome the feeling of lack or loss over a relationship, you're able to attract it back into your life more quickly because you no longer feel as if something in your life is missing.

7. Your ex remains single

If enough time has passed and your ex hasn't entered a new relationship, it may be because they are doing the inner work needed in order to re-establish a relationship with you.

8. Being unblocked

If your ex has blocked your cell phone number, or on social media, but appears to unblock out of the blue, it's a sign they are thinking about you. By unblocking you, they're opening up a connection to you in hopes of it developing into something further.

9. Your ex won't return your belongings.

After a breakup, you'll likely have a few items left at your ex's after a breakup. You may even have a few items of theirs as well. If you try to set up a meeting where you can exchange your belongings, but your ex declines, it's because they are still holding on to the chance that your relationship isn't truly over. An ex that is completely done, would have no problem handing over your belongings.

10. Offers assistance

Not every relationship ends in no contact. Sometimes, exes still communicate and update each other on their daily lives. If you experience your ex trying to assist you in a project or problem, it's a sign that they want to be there for you and potentially rebuild the relationship.

How a Psychic Can Help You Manifest Love

A psychic can help you manifest love by tapping into the energy within your connection. By having a psychic reading performed, you’re allowing the reader to provide you with insight in clarity into yourself, how you’re blocking the connection, and into the ex in question.

Psychics have clairvoyant abilities that allow them to access information about other people, places, and events that can be used to help action and make choices to benefit themselves.

For love, a psychic can help you understand the deeper meaning of your relationship and if it’s truly a soulmate connection. Then, they can help you understand how your ex feels and what steps are necessary for them to re-enter your life. Once you follow this process, you’ll begin to see the signs listed above, assuring you that you and your ex will be reunited once again.

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