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Don't get caught up in your own drama

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So this topic is on how we loose ourselves trying to gain an identity with titles and time clocks .

So many of us think to ourselves that at this time in our lives we should have this and that or be this or that (example) by now I should have the title of husband or wife or have this much money saved and be in a certain position at work .hmm, well sometimes all these titles and deadlines seem more like target goals like a sport or something but life doesn't work like that and the universe doesin't support this type of thinking I mean so many of us are looking to please our significant other hoping to be in a commited relationship for the titles of it or making the deadline but not really thinking about your own happiness and if your needs are being met in this relationship I mean have you taken out the time to think about that ? I suggest you think about it . Also in work of course its hard for us to just walk off the job if we are not happy because we need our income but if at very least your currant job is a stepping stone to help you reach your ultimate goal than it is fine but if it is not at least doing that that you should be brave and trust in the universe and get into something that will be a stepping stone to get you to where you are going .In many podcast and blog post I talk about portals of how bad energy can enter our lives but in so many cases we can be our own worst enemy without even realizing it this is how haveing a psychic reading can also help you by pointing out some changes that one needs to make some adjustments and so on to enlighten you a bit from an outsiders perspective .

Just think for a moment have you got dissapointed in something in the past that did not work out and then later on you realized it was for the best ? who's to say that's not whats happening right now ?

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