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Psychic sleep ,do dreams really come true ?

Yes, and yes Dreams really come true in real life I've seen in happen time and time again and I'm sure that you have as well but the kind of dreams I'm talking about here are the preminitions that happen during your sleep . As I've mention before all of us have psychic ability some more so than others , we also have spirits and angels watching over us but because we have busy lives and are consumed with earthly matters we tend to shut out the other realms and the only time they can reach us in some cases is during our sleep it feels like a half sleep and many call it a psychic sleep, sometimes the dream can be exact and in most cases they are symbolic as to what to come (example) if your eating in your dream moneyor a promotion is coming soon ,if you dream of dogs it represents legal troubles and there are many symbolic messages. I do dream interpretation as well they vary in meaning from one person to the next. Do you have psychic sleep ? I'd love to read about your dreams in the comments

In our dreams we get messages from above sometimes warnings of good or bad things to come be sure to listen to your dreams and what they are trying to tell us. Not everyone will see dreams there are many of us that can feel, hear and have visions depending on how much you allow yourself to connect to your spiritual self.


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