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Can a psychic really help in bringing a relationship back together ?

A psychic can surely help to keep a relationship together and in many cases a psychic can be able to help in reuniting the seperated but do keep in mind that every situation is unique and every psychic has his or her own set of abilities, strenghts and limitations.

The situation is defined by a number of things (example)

1. How long have you been seperated ?

2. Is there still some communication ?

3.Is this person in-fact a soulmate ?

The above are just to name a few and of course there are other factors as well . In many cases in my experience in helping people with troubled realationships or break ups there are people (meaning) outside the relationship for lack of a better word (the peanut gallery) lol who tend to interfere with the growth and development of a relationship out of jealousy or in some cases they may even have the best of intentions but nonethless cause problems for couples without realizing that they are doing so . In any case no one will be able to know the inner working of a relationship more than the two people involved .An outsiders perspective can yes be helpful to a degree but many cases its not always the most reliable because you are the one that's in the relationship and can feel and sense more about what's happening than anyone else .

So what can a psychic do to help you ?

As I've mentioned in previous podcast and blogs it is vital to know what the root cause of the problem is before the solution can come into play I'll give some examples here below .

1. It is so easy to be missunderstood or for your partner to be missunderstood by you .

In this case some simple adjustments and changes can help to make this right .

We all have our own way of processing information and this can create problems in relationships but a psychic can help unravel a lot of confusion

2. Bad karma can make things so complicated some unresolved karmic past can make a relationship with a soulmate very difficult to the point of being hopless without help .

Sometimes past karma can affect relationships in general but especially so with a soulmate depending on past life events.

In this case a psychic can look into the past life and help you understand what is wrong and can give some instructions to clear it up if possible but it would take a certain amount of faith and spiritual awareness on the part of the person requesting help .

3. the standards of what we believe a good relationship is can also bring trouble to the best realtionships .

In this case sometimes we imagine in our minds what a good relationship means to us and a lot of this is based on outside influences that affect how we score the situation rather than seeing it for what it is and appreciating it . Many of us will even put a time clock on our expectations and deadlines in some cases this could be right or wrong but a psychic can help to weed things out and put your expectations in better check .

I hope that this helps to clear any questions you may have in relation to how a psychic can help you with break up and reuniting the seperated . The above are just to name a few but there can be so many possibilites because as I mention every situation is unique and not every relationship should be together for yet again anumber of reasons .

For more guidence and advice please have a look at me resource

page and also you can purchase my book titles how to make it work by Christine Wallace available on Amazon and Kindle

If you would like to have a reading please feel free to contact me , phone reading and in person consultations are available I do look forward to serving you .

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