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losing your identity

As a psychic I see many people with problems especially people who have bad energy in they're lives and wish for it to be gone but after running every logical gamit of doing whatever they can to try to solve it eventually come to the idea that there could be something spiritually off , whether that be going through the same pattern over and over , a series of bad events or even logically unexplainable happinings but whatever the case the thing that concerns me is that many blame themselves thinking they have done something to bring this upon themselves and sometimes the bad energy can start to feel like it has become the persons identity and the one who is suffering with this sort of thing find it hard after awhile to seperate who they are as a person from the energy that seems to be consuming they're lives . In these cases it is important for one to realize that they are not the bad energy this is a completly seperate entity from the individual in other words the bad force is an opponent it is the enemy and most importantly beatable . a very important part of the process of clearing a bad energy is to fully understand it before you go through the process of clearing it , many people feel relieved by just knowing what the cause of it is even this information can feel like a tremedous burden has been lifted . Please feel free to contact me for help and any advice you may need 201-953-0658

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