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Can I protect myself ?

Of course you can . There are things that people can do to protect themselves from being a bad energy magnet but first I'll explain how bad energy works .

Bad energy #1 does exsist and if we do not believe in the power of good or bad energies this is how we can get vulnerable and live a lifestyle that leaves cracks for this sort of thing to enter our lives . As I always mention in almost all my blog post and podcast a spiritual practice of whatever is better than none at all as long as its good in nature .

#2 A dissorganized home is a magnet things can get so out of hand that when you look around it can make you feel overwhelmed to even address it and you can start not to care . Not caring is a big no no , it's important to care about you , the people you love , your home everything down to the least and whatever order you choose to deal but you have to care . your home is your sanctuary , your body is your temple and so on .

#3 A burning of a white candle for an hour a day a long with a good prayer can work wonders ,having hope and faith bring miracles .

#4 if theres a heavy energy in your home a good house smudging with white sage does help to drive out bad energies if you do this please be sure to have a door or a window open so that any bad energies will have an exit .

#5 of course anyone will tell you that excersizing is good and it is but I am not advising this for the same reason . taking a walk or however you choose to move around is good for your spirit and soul it helps your body drive out bad vibes .

These instructionsa are very helpful in protecting yourself these are some general instructions to help in your journey and also powerful but of course there are some situations that need to be designed especially for your situation and this is why if you are going through something that you feel you may need spiritual help with please feel free to contact me for a reading and we can discuss if this is in fact the case or not but regardless as to whether you are affected by bad energy or not it is always good to keep good vibes active and flowing .

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