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Psychic and relationships on different planes

First I would like to say thank you all so much for reading my post and all the lovely reviews on google .

Some of the people that come in to see me for a psychic reading are as you might guess going through a difficult time in a relationship and wanting to know

#1 is this my soulmate

#2 will we be together in the future

#3 whats wrong here ?

#4 can this be fixed

#5 how can I fix this ?

One of the problems I see on some ocassions is that there are two people that love each other very much but are on different planes of understanding and struggle seeing eye to eye and this could be happening for a number of reasons .

#1 you can be an old soul and are overall more mature than your partner and your struggling and even losing your patience waiting for them to catch up to where you are .

In many cases a person feels tempted to kinda take over the other persons life or jump in to help them in whatever way you can but of course theres a downside to this ,you end up looking more like a parent than a lover and both of you end up feeling frustrated of course this can't be good . Some even break up because of this problem because both can become overwhelmed . If this is the problem of course a psychic would be able to let you know . I've help many leading and guideing to understanding all this and let them know what can be done . It is very important to resist the temptation to take over or even try to rush a person along to bring someone to your level the universe wants them to go through life in a certain way at their own pace and whats required of you is patience if this is in fact your soulmate and you of course want this to work and are in love .

I'll be writing more on this topic because there is so much to tell so make sure your subscibed to be notified .

For a private reading feel free to call 201-953-0658

#2 As to why your both of different levels of understanding .

Different backgrounds . How , where and by whom you were raised can definitly cause significant troubles in a relationionship . Just because your in love doesin't mean a relationship is smooth sailing . Relationships are work and not just your romantic one all of them . If you love or even like someone your willing to be patient, make sacrifices and compromises beacuse you don't want to lose the one you care for and not only that you also like to see them happy because you care about them .

#3 Maturity . Just because a person is up in there age doesin't always mean they'll behave as such . not all of us meet our milestones at the same time or get the same messages from the same experiences .We all process information differently .

#4 You and the one you are with have a past life together and just can't seem to get it together . Sometimes theres an anger or a hint of resentment you may feel from your partner and you cannot recall anything that you may have or may not have done to bring this on and when you ask directly theres no answer . Hmm, now your just going with the flow you feel this bad vibe from them and have no idea whats going on and hope this will just go away in time . You may think oh maybe this is just their personality or maybe their just having a mood . Well maybe ,but when this goes on forever breaks up and get back together its obviously going beyone that .It is possible the you or you partner could be holding a grudge from a past life . This does happen .

#5 They have their own path ,a journey that they must go through and you should not interfere this is how God or the universe wants it to be so just step aside and allow the process to unfold .

Its important to understand that no matter how much love is between the both of you ,your both together yet have your own seperate selves as well . The best advice I can give on this topic is patience , understanding and knowledge is important . Consider this it may be possible that this is happening for you to learn these skills and the lesson is for you as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post and its been helpful to your journey . Id like to see some of your comments on this topic .

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