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Psychic Philadelphia on keeping it together

Bad energies sometimes come in chunks of time 3 yrs , 4 yrs, 8 yrs ,9 yrs ,12 yrs and sometimes a lifetime depending on how it got in into ones life in the first place . As I've written and talked about in this blog and on my podcast there are many points of entry but lets not just look at the ones I mentioned previously lets talk about the upside of bad sometimes you just never know what your bad luck had saved you from , sounds funny but true , for example God ,the Universe ,Angels or whatever super natural forces you want to believe in want us to be our best selves and sadly we as human beings don't learn much during the good times but in bad or hard times we mold and shape ourselves to adapt to whatever the situation requires of us .How much of this bad energy are we responsible for ? a question we ask ourselves when the rubber meets the road . True that sometimes it could be you and its also true that sometimes its something else but lets just talk about you for now . during bad times we become psychologically disorganized our minds and bodies are all over the place and so is our stuff ,we come to a place in our lives when the waters are rough and we are fooled in thinking that we need to prioritize whats important and whats not , you may after a perioid of becoming spiritually and mentally exausted that you are going through the motions of what you should be doing but your heart isin't in it because your losing hope and faith and on the border of calling it quits ,but I'm here to remind you don't ! just don't slip into thinking of just throwing in the towel .The universe is making you stronger as a result . Keep it together I know this may sound unimportant to you but keeping your home orginized and your general life in order helps a lot when you are trying to protect yourself from dark clouds that seem to hover over you . Fresh flowers in your home , a house smudging ,closets and clothes in order brings good energy to your home ,open up the curtains and let the sunshine in fight it ! . Laziness is an energy and an enemy during bad times . You must open your mind to see that everything is alive and carry's energy that includes your home , your money , you and people so make sure everything is taken care of as if they were all your own children . As humans we tend to always look to the outside ,more specifically the people that we blame for our bad fortune although I'm sure that in a lot of cases these observations have validity its hard to self examine accurately Of course I can help with this too but if the the universe is behind your bad fortune know this is not the enemy it depends how quickly you recieve the message it wants you to get and as soon as you learn what its trying to tell you the sooner your luck will change .

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