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Psychic love advice lets think about pressure !

And the heat is on !

Lots of us have a hard time dealing with pressure and of course there are lots of us who do to past dissapointments that have givin us a bit or a lot of low self esteem , now for most of us when we're in love we have a tendancy of thinking the world of our significant other and putting them up on a pedastal in our minds and showing that we feel this way in our action and speech . Now there are a number of us who think that our showing the one we love that their the greatest person that ever lived lol should appeciate that we feel and act the way that we do and yes some may in fact appreciate that but then there are quite a few who start to feel an incredible amount of stress for fear of not being worthy of these kinds of opinions of us , a fear of not being able to deliver on such high expectations . It's important to keep it real in a relationship and see your love for who they are and not live in the dream of who you hope or think they might be later in life or in the present . In many cases a person that feels they cannot meet up to who you imagine they are tend to distance themselves or even worst go off to be with another who they feel actually know them better than you and are ok with that . Lots of us blame ourselves for the cause of break ups and wonder what they may or may not be doing wrong and yes in some cases you might be doing something wrong but in other cases that may not be the truth . This is why its always a good idea to have a psychic reading done so the advice and guidence you recieve is specific to your situation . I do look forward to doing a reading for you and if some of my blog post seem to match what your going through I highly reccomend you purchase my book How to make it work by Christine Wallace available on amazon . The link is available on my home page .

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