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Karma is a boomarang !

There are lots of facets to bad karma ,some ppl automatically assume that they have bad karma because they must've done somethig wrong in a past life that could be true but not in every case ,sometimes one can be suffering with this kind of problem because something was done to them and therfore this has carried on over into this life . Lots of ppl experience Deja vu feel like they've met before , go to a place that they've never been and navigate themselves easily or feel as if they've been there ,There have also been story's of ppl going under hypnosis and reliving those past life experiences . A good movie on the subject is Audry Rose by Frank De Felitta The Producer of the film was inspired because his son was a pianist with no prior lessons and the boy had no explinations as to why he was able to play, this drove him to finding out more about the concept of past lives . I personally don't reccomend hypnosis for past life regression because it puts the person in a place where they actually feel as though they are reliving the whole thing and that can be very traumatic depending on what happened but I do offer regression through meditations on behalf of the person that I am working for . Much safer . Karma is the memory of our souls stemming from past life unresolved issues if these bad karmas are not addressed they repeat over and over again ,what we didin't make right in our past life will persistantly present itself bad luck can in some cases are the consequences we pay to set things straight ,once this karma is understood it can be undone . How to go about clearing bad karma would depend on how it got there , in some cases it can be an easy fix and in others very challenging . The good news

is karma wants to be cleared unlike some other possibilities of bad luck or bad energy karma is not the enemy it's actually something that wants to be understood and addressed and make you better for it . Tomorrows post will be about who curses ,who does this sort of thing !

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