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Some of the reasons ppl get bad energies

#1 . Jealousy is not the worst of them and sometimes it's even an indicator that your doing something right so that's not the type of jealousy I'm talking about . Although not many ppl in America believe in this sort of thing but in many cultures across the globe it's common practice to use voodoo ,root work , santaria just to name a few , these practices are very much alive in places such as Italy ,Greece ,South America and the Middle East and again that's just to name a few . Although you may believe that you have done nothing wrong to deserve anyone to place a curse upon you there might very well be one person that does not agree and in lot of cases that I have worked on in my career in helping ppl with this sort of trouble the root cause is jealousy and fear that you in some way, shape of form pose a threat to their well being and happiness and feel the need for vengence by using supernatural rituals to hold you back or down . When ppl are suffering with this sort of thing that was actually placed from one person to another it's fairly simple to undo because it's from a person and as a person placed it a person can get rid of it whether be evil eye or ritualistic practices its fairly easy to address . In my next blog post we'll be talking about how you in fact can be bringing bad energy upon yourself something that is not as easy to undo but nonetheless doable .

If you experiencing problems that you cannot seem to solve even when you've tried everything you can do , there may be something deeper going on ,if this is the case for you I suggest you have a reading to find out what's happening . My services are available in person , phone ,text and email . Thank you for your follow .

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