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Your dating when you should be trying to heal

You've heard it said that it takes one to forget one ,well I don't agree especially when your broken hearted and I say this for a number of reasons : 1 you'll hurt the new person that your dating because they're hoping that your not just on the reboud .2 dating someone else will only make you miss your ex even more . Most people that date right after a break up become more saddened being with somone else . 3 this is not a time to put yourself out there because your not in a good mindset and your bound to make mistakes and have a bunch of regrets later , So simply allow yourself to heal ,take time to examine the relationship and what went wrong ,make sure that you hearing what your significant other is saying not just listenening, examine whats being said and ask yourself if theres in fact truth to what your being told , ask yourself an important question is this someone your really happy with or do you just hate rejection ? were you your best self in the relationship ? and if not ask yourself why . Worst case scenario forgive yourself ,heal and move on . Be advised it's always best to have a reading done to get the who ,what .when, where and why so you can get guidance and advise specific to your situation .

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