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There are lots of us who make assumptions of what may or may not be in the minds of our significant other sometimes we even act on those assumptions only to find it blowing up in our faces . It's important to express our own thoughts and feelings to simply make the other person feel comfortable enough to express their own . Most of us know by now that its not good to assume things about someone else but none the less we do it anyway because the other persons actions seem to be all over the place sometimes and forces us to try and guess what that means exactly Example : are you lying ,cheating , or have your feelings changed and the list can go on and on . Sometimes we even resort to thinking maybe things will fall into place over time and that of course leaves you walking on egg shells in a relationship and ending up full of anxiety and stress and feeling that way for too long will make the who;e relationship start to end up feeling like a burden but nonetheless you want it too last but don't know what you can do too make it better . Huh , sound awful right ? . On the bright side in most cases I've seen in clients that I've worked for is it can be some simple adjustments that one needs to make in order to set things straight one of them is understanding your significant other and simply working from there it can be really easy in some cases and a little bit of this and a little bit of that can feel like the curtains have been drawn and the sun has been let in , because the burden has been lifted . But of course there are some that aren't so simple in any case I've created a list of possibilities and scenarios in my book how to make it work by Christine Wallace currently available on amazon if your situation goes beyond that I do suggest that you have a reading so we can delve into this deeper . But do try to think about this always and I mean always be your best self first of all to yourself not just to others , it's important to keep your faith and good vibes going under any circumstances life is'int easy no one promised it would be so its going to require you to be strong . patient ,understanding and very wise . I currently work for someone that needs some of my spiritual guidance and stresses about the idea that she actually sought out help in the first place being so used to handling every aspect of her life on her own . I reminded her that no matter what kinds of ppl we are there will always come a time and a place that we need some assistance in getting our lives on the right track no one is an exception to the rule . She gracefully agreed and felt better .Thank you all so much for following my new blog I'm really happy to serve you in any and all of your spiritual needs in life's journey . Remember we're in this together . Trust in the universe and believe so you can receive . I did want to mention that there are many of you who are only looking to get a few questions answers and have already had a reading by me so now you can go to my profile at instantgo my profile name is psychicreadingexpert

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