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what is a soulmate ?

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Well , this question actually has multiple answers and I'll explain . A soulmate is someone that you've had a past life with together , someone that you feel really connected too as if you've always known them . Many believe that being with a soulmate is easy and that you are destined to be with one another no matter what, in some cases this could be very true but the answer is not the same for everyone , sometimes because of unresolved karma you can both be very much in love with one another but not get along at all ,it may be one of the most difficult relationships you've ever had depending on what happened in the past life .Through meditation and regression it is in fact possible to look into this past life or lives to find out what happened and provide the tools to unravel the the ball of confusion. So this is also one other good reason to have a reading done because the answers are different for everyone it depends on currant situations and past life complications that may keep you and your soulmate apart .

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