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You Have the Power to Change the Dialouge

From episode: Change your mind and change your life in an instant

am NOT a person that wakes up every single day with my head held high I am NOT a person that wakes up super motivated energetic and this is going to be a rock star day every single day 365 24 7 it's not possible I agree with that there's gonna be some ups and downs absolutely but what you're saying about the part you know the negative intrusive thoughts and the speaking negatively about your life and your circumstances magnetizes only more of that and I think there are some Bible scriptures that speak to that as well where you know your words have power they do on an energy level and so do your thoughts everything is energy and I say that a lot to people as well that you know you've got you you have the power to change the dialogue you do even if you have to just and grateful is plays a big role in that when you start counting your blessings people will find it much easier to think about and speak about the good stuff yes very true and thank you and that kind of leads us into a part that I wanted to transition into for this the second half of our conversation here is it's sure I talked about being able to get into a space of feeling confident and comfortable to control our own thoughts and and the words that we say okay but we do not live in a world by ourselves and so as much as that would be beautiful sometimes to be able to operate on our own energy and just ourselves but we would be remiss if I didn't touch on the fact that it can be a struggle to decipher between other people's words and their beliefs of who we are and how we actually show up in the world and then what we actually believe in what we're hearing say and so I want to offer you this tool in this resource sometimes we can stop and say when we're when we feel ourselves overwhelmed and being bogged down with all the negative thoughts and a negative thinking we can say hey what is this tape actually playing what's the tape playing in my in my mind and so then take a pen and write it down when we're talking about a certain scenario or circumstance and then look at the reality facts versus what is actually playing in your head and then compare notes because a lot of times what other people are saying and then this what we're hearing in our minds and what we're feeling like it's different than than the facts if that can make sense so being able to decipher and say hey wait what is the tape playing in my head because how we hear things and how we perceive things and then what they actually are are sometimes often very different so just taking it five or ten seconds when you're in a scenario and say hey wait wait a second what is the tape actually playing what is real here is what this person is saying about me actually true how is this factual because it is very possible that we can have one belief of ourselves and an image and someone can work very hard because there again people suck to bring that down to break us down and we can counter that and say that's not true that's not true about me it's not it's not oh I don't want to believe that I won't accept that it's not happening but if we're not doing that self check in time and giving ourselves those opportunities to gain clarity on what we're actually filling our minds and our heads with that can be a rocky road it can be very dangerous

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