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What is a spiritual cleansing/Aura cleanse?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Spiritual Cleansing can help I

mprove your Life

Spiritual cleansing is becoming a necessity in modern times. The world around us can be downright mean and cruel for no reason at all. We cannot read minds and hearts or see things without an inner eye, and that is where one problem starts. From strangers that you bumped into or workmates and family who do not want your success. Even things that do not manifest in the physical world. All of them target something you don’t see.

That is your spiritual self. It is an internal part of you affected by external factors that you have no control of.

Spiritual attacks manifest in many forms. It could be physical, such as a sudden bout of an illness that no doctor can diagnose. Or it can come in the form of depression to the point where you cannot function anymore. You may find yourself irritable, pained, and emotionally and physically drained. The intensity of the attack has negative energy, which feeds on yours like a parasite. It will continue to feed on you and follow you like a shadow. 

Every person out there is vulnerable. Spiritual cleansing aims to treat the spiritual attack, purify your soul, and cleanse your spiritual body and surroundings.

Now, you might have read articles about DIY cleansing. However, it is better if someone with an inner eye does it. A diagnosis must be made before proceeding with spiritual cleansing. Depending on the degree of damage and strength of the curse, a DIY cleansing will not be enough to fix it. That is why a psychic reading is preferable to a DIY.

How can a Spiritual Cleansing improve your life?

It removes bad energy

Bad energy is everywhere. Bad energy doesn’t have to be directed at you. It can be a person with a mean attitude, or you have gone to an abandoned building where a lone spirit became attached to you. The energy will surround you, and it will stick with you unless you get rid of it.

Spiritual cleansing will easily purify your metaphysical body and set a protective barrier to shield you from bad energy.

Reverse Curse

Often these days, people simply cast the “evil eye” and mutter curses under their breath. It may be a friend you have unintentionally hurt—a family member who resents you for your success. A workmate you surpassed in a position, even a stranger you bumped into, can curse you.

Spiritual cleansing will remove the parasite planted on you. The parasite grows to drain you and will stay that way. Cleansing is vital to get rid of the unseen matter. It will reverse the curse and free you from the invisible shackles that someone placed. It will heal you and allow you to be filled with positive energy again.

Purify the Soul and Surroundings

Your eyes see physical things, but a psychic sees more than that. Something may be wrong with your soul. It may be because of past experiences or recent events that took place. Maybe our surroundings have other spirits and creatures lurking, and all of them are attracted to you.

A spiritual cleansing will purify your soul and surroundings with power that only psychics can emanate.

Emotional Healing

Spiritual cleansing brings emotional healing. You may have been subjected to a toxic environment where your boss always shouts at you or other people. Things may be difficult at home. It can even be a bad breakup or the end of a friendship.

The process of spiritual cleansing involves spiritual enlightenment. You may not understand why things are going south, but cleansing will help you eliminate the remnants of hurt and pain. You will be able to start the process of moving on when you let go when you reach the enlightenment that spiritual cleansing brings.

These are only a few of the many reasons on how spiritual cleansing can improve your life. A lot of people are finally catching up on how the physical world isn’t everything. Spiritual cleansing gives a burst of good energy and enlightenment to help you navigate through a toxic world.

You will see things differently and find yourself in a better disposition than before.

That is what I am offering you. I am giving you freedom, protection, and enlightenment through spiritual cleansing.

The treatment starts with the psychic readings. The course of treatment varies from person to person. The spiritual cleansing involves the four elements and special mantras proven to be effective. The process involves several types of oil and crystals. Incense will be burned along with various herbs.

Depending on the situation, the length of treatment may take up to three hours. If you opt for an in-service, I will bring the cleanse and healing materials. If you choose long-distance healing, we will provide the cleansing and healing materials for you to use.

You have the choice to be free and protected. I hope that you’d choose well.

Feel free to contact me for this special service 201-953-0658 prices vary from person to person. A brief cleanse is available along with a full life reading service of $175 for a one on one psychic reading with Christine Wallace. If you would like to choose from a variety of psychics where you can pay by the minute go to Many online psychics to choose from, a variety of spiritual services and prices

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