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This Weeks Tarot Reading Result

Starting for members only! here's a free sample.

I have decided to give a weekly tarot reading for all members of my mystical healing service which is a good option for after care for those who have overcome their troubles in any of the more in depth services I offer or this is also a good option for general healing along with listening to my psychic podcast episodes and getting monthly gift packages for spiritual healing, protection and manifesting.

Packages can include many different things from crystals, candles, oils, reading materials and more! all this in the mystical healing membership for $17.75 per month.

My apologies for delays I am currently getting February's packages together. I did have a set back and wasn't feeling well but I am back on the horse ladies and gents so without further ado let's dive into this Tarot Card Reading!

Pulling the first card showing the past we see the sun , this card shows me innocence or naivety especially when it comes to love.

This is the card of a dreamer .

this person can manifest joy and happiness for others quit easily and can feel a sense of satisfaction from helping others but does not apply the same effort and energy for themselves as much as they do for people they care for so over the years and after much disappointment in not finding themselves in a partnership or friendship comes the card representing the Hermit which is what our opened hearted one has become presently and is more like a lone wolf these days.

This is showing you’re an independent person and used to handling everything on your own...

Asking for help doesn’t always come easy for you

But, there are answers you desperately need, which are not forthcoming

You will only continue to grow your anxiety and self-doubt if you do not reach out for guidance very soon

You’re very intelligent and thoughtful, but sometimes overthink certain situations

You’ll play out scenarios in your mind and come to your own conclusions

Scenarios that seem fully plausible

Or maybe assume the worst is going to happen and exaggerate the difficulties you face

Then thoughts spiral out of control

Later to find out that none of it was true and this dreaded outcome never came to fruition

In doing so, you put unnecessary stress onto yourself

In fact, by thinking through these unwanted outcomes, you are attracting exactly what you fear and seeking to avoid

If all your thought energy is placed on this unfortunate outcome…you’ll begin to manifest it

This pattern is going to continue unless you make a change

The good news is that talking it over with someone can easily snap you out of this You have isolated yourself too much emotionally and need to change this ASAP!

The last card is the start which tells us you can

you face psychologically and emotionally and achieve desired outcomes which are your current goals.

If your relating to this reading know that self examination is an important part of being able to overcome present obstacles , Clarity of mind and becoming more articulate in communications with others is key.

If you enjoy these readings and are seeking to strengthen your mind body and spirit check out my mystical healing membership option $17.75 per month


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