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Tea Leaf Reading And A Bit Of Psychic/ Clairvoyance Adds To The Experience

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Welcome and thank you for reading. I am your Psychic Christine Wallace just letting you know that tea leaf readings are available by appointment only and are $325 per session, in this session you will receive an aura cleanse and a gift package especially for your spiritual needs it's included. Looking forward to doing a session with you. Read more below to understand how it works.

Preparing For A Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf readings have been around for a very long time but you don't find many psychics doing them as much as they used to and the reason for this is simple once tarot card readings came onto the seen in the new world and other forms of readings tea leaf readings faded to black and replaced with psychic medium services, clairvoyance, seances, crystals and so on. plus there is some advanced preparations needed such as the boiling water that's not always on hand when people are popping up randomly at my psychic shop so this is why I can only take appointments for this service available by request.The room itself where the tea leaf reading is done also needs to be spiritually cleansed along with the person who wants to have the tea leaf reading done because we want no negative energy interfering with the tea leaf reading so there are a few step required in advance. Read below for the history.

Tea Leaf Reading History, also known as tasseography, is said to have origins in Asia, the Middle East, and Ancient Greece, with Middle Eastern cultures typically using coffee. However, modern tea leaf reading began in the 17th century, when tea was introduced from China to Europe.

Although loose leaf tea was initially a product for the upper class, once it became more readily available, rituals surrounding tea like tea leaf reading emerged. Tea leaf reading was thought to have developed because life was often discussed over a cup of tea. People realized that they could see their discussions reflected in their tea leaves, much like finding shapes in clouds in the sky. The Romani people continued to spread tea leaf readings throughout Europe, even going door-to-door to offer tea leaf reading services. By the mid-1800s, the Romani were regularly incorporated into European tea culture, with tea parlors and tea rooms inviting them in to offer tea leaf readings to guests.

In the U.S., tea parlors opened in the 1800s, with tea becoming more and more popular over the years. After WWI, women in the U.S. even began opening their own tea parlors. They would serve light snacks, offering to read tea leaves after drinking to further increase the experience of community. From this, the art of tea reading was often passed down between women from generation to generation. Although there is thought to be a level of clairvoyance involved in tea leaf reading, it is something that you can do at home.

Reading Tea Leaves How Its Done

Tea leaf readers interpret the symbols and patterns found in the leaves. Typically, this is done with a black loose leaf tea drunk out of a light colored cup in order to see the tea leaves more clearly. The person having their fortune read is often asked to think of a question that they would like answered as they drink the tea, leaving about one or two inches at the bottom of the cup. From here, the teacup is turned upside down and tapped to move the tea leaves onto the saucer. Tea leaves are usually interpreted by reading from the rim inwards, with the events near the outside thought to depict what is going to happen first, and symbols near the center of the mug showing what is going to happen in the distant future. Tea leaf reading is unique in that it tends to focus on positive energy rather than negative, for a well-needed dose of positivitea. So next time you receive loose leaf tea in your tea subscription box, you’ll also be getting potential insight into your future. Bottoms up!

Tea Leaf Reading Tutorial Below

Doing tea leaf readings is a very enjoyable experience for a few reasons, I have alway enjoyed doing things the old fashion way and knowing that this is how things were done in Russia when my Grandmother and Great Grandmother did this is so awesome, when you come to either of my shops you will notice how much of love antiques and all things vintage so no surprise my reading would show that as well. It's not easy to find many who do Tea leaf readings as much as it was back in the day when there would be social gatherings connected to them, all high society would be flocking to the tea reader or would call her to the event and would ask all the questions and get the answers to everything they wanted to know but there were the one on one sessions as well for the private questions that he or she did not want the public to know about.

If doing a tea leaf reading service is something you would be interested in don't hesitate give me a call of book a session with me online 855-70-TAROT


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