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Psychic Christine Wallace Psychic/Life Coach Set Healthy Boundaries With Those You Love

2022 let's start a new foundation building up our house on a good solid foundation it's not too late to start again! people do it all the time and so can you.

This is not an easy task but you must do it for yourself, your own life is your responsibility

This is not going to be easy for you and it's not going to be easy for ppl to accept the new change in you either but keep in mind on this new journey of self protection that your doing this for your own well being, your happiness cannot and should not be dependent on other people's feelings basically what I am saying is if your happiness is dependent on you making other's happy that's a problem because you cannot manage something that is outside of your control (example) people have good days and bad days just like you but not always at the same times so if your having a good day and someone is having a bad day is your day going to be ruined?

It shouldn't but if you don't have healthy boundaries it will. You may end up changing plans to take care of this person and this is ok from time to time to be there to support someone but not all the time don't let others take advantage of your kindness you may find some people being insatiable like whatever you do is never enough! when these feelings start to rise up in you this will be your que to do something about this and don't feel guilty! if this person tries to guilt trip you it's time to talk about the issue and if the guilt tripping doesn't stop it's time for you to just stop because obviously so and so doesn't really care how you feel and making themselves more of a priority than you so you absolutely have the right to do the same.

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