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Psychic Christine Wallace On Getting Better And Living Your Best Now

Many of us are so focused on everything going on outside of ourselves and I can name quite a few situations where as a result we only end up undervaluing ourselves and subjecting ourselves to being mistreated from ourselves first and as a result we end up not feeling that we are being treated well by others such as friends, family and romantic partners. What we fail to understand

is it all begins with us. Yes all of it starts from within and moves outward and we get this karmic boomerang that slaps us right back and we end up feeling so confused. The universe will not support you if you are not making yourself a priority, the universe does not support giving you everything only to throw it away and take it for granted, the universe will not support judging others without you using the same yardstick to measure yourself. One of the most important things to do when working on self examination is to make sure your thoughts and actions are pure and with the very best of intentions. How can we be sure we are doing what we do for the right reasons? let's look at one (example) Why am I so generous to my boyfriend?, why am I giving him money whenever he ask?, why do I never want anything in return and keep my mouth shut even though I am not happy with the way things are?. (A) You are really not in love with this person you are only trying to earn this person's love for the sake of having your own way and this is why you are ignoring the red flags it's not out of love it's actually becoming co-dependent and the universe will not support this. This is not your soulmate and in your heart of herts you know this is true and that you are going around in circle and this causes a tremendous amount of toxic energy. So this is just one example how we can become trapped and bad energy starts to manifest itself into our live among other ways as well but in this situation in reality there is no victim

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