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Psychic reading expert Christine Wallace is both the classic psychic and new all in one because she has only recently started working with and taking advantage of technology so even though all her clients have found her through word of mouth over the last 35 years or so she has become increasingly popular over recent years online with lot's of amazing reviews for her accuracy and making a positive difference in the lives of the people who seek more than just a reading with that being said she's a bit pricier than some store front psychics but I most would consider her prices very fair considering the amount of work she does for each client and the accuracy of her readings. one of her specialty's is the meditation services where no 2 sessions are alike, this service is unique to each person and customized based on the needs of each person so prices vary depending on the person.

Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace offers an array of quality services

and has been known to have a powerful impact in improving the lives of her clients

well being over all.

The meditation service begins with finding out what the true source of the blockages are,

why and how it got there and finally what needs to be done to undue the mess, regain clarity and

put you on the right path, this service applies to all and every front of life such as

broken heart/with love, family and romantic partners, bad spirits or energies such as

hauntings, curses, bad karma, black magic and more.

once all have been understood and cleared away life can begin on a better and stronger

foundation, radiating peace, happiness and tranquility.

People have found themselves feeling completely cleared and better in

some cases the first few days, this service does require more than one session, does include all

materials needed along with instructions.

You will be helped with guided meditations, your mind, body and spirit will be balanced.

Charka balancing and crystal bathes included.

Prices vary depending on the individuals needs and can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks

to complete. be sure to subscribe to her podcast for helpful advice, best self mantra's and more!


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