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Podcast rejection episode

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Episode 138 will be posted sometime today on my podcast search psychic Christine podcast. I’ve got so many new products and services available especially for my subscriber who will get weekly tarot readings just for joining my newsletter. I also wanted to do something a bit extra for ppl who just had a full reading with me that if they had a question or 2 that they didn’t have to do the whole reading again. My 30 day planner to a better life and so much more! So be sure to subscribe.

I do want to mention many of us don’t take being spiritually strong as something important but it truly is , when your spiritually strong of course it’s going to help ward off any bad energy coming at you especially those who’ve been envious or blocking your progress but that’s a whole other reading for a one on one session Or a consultation just subscribe by texting magic810 to 22828 now to join

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