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Overcoming Trauma With Sunil Bhaskaran: A Journey of Fear, Abuse, And Healing

From episode: Psychic Christine Wallace Interview With Sunil Bhaskaran

were going to do a discussion on fear, overcoming fear, anxiety. All right. And I guess this is something that you've been working on for a long time. Can you give me a little bit of the background on what took you to the path of learning more about fear and anxiety and overcoming it? Just do share, please. Thank you. Sure, yeah. I mean, I had a tremendous amount of trauma growing up. And I had a good family, but, you know, I had some abuse happen from a distant relative that I had to resolve. And I was trying to, you know, I kept it a secret from the family. And then when I was still young, at the age of 18, I ended up in a situation where I watched some friends of mine being tortured in front of me. And I was tortured myself as well. Is that by family or? No, by, well, I was young and I made a mistake. And I ended up in a military prison in the country I grew up in. I And so was put in a cell with some people who became friends of mine. And we protected each other from some of the abuse that went on. Some of the officials there. And so I, you know, I saw a lot of trauma and I had a lot of trauma done to me as well. And I kept that all a secret because, you know, just the nature of our culture, we don't really disclose stuff. And so when I came to America, one of the things I heard about this, you know, like early 80s was this thing called therapy. What kind of therapy? I'm sorry. Therapy, like psychotherapy. General therapy, psychotherapy. OK. So that was my first therapy session, the first time I told anybody about what I'd been through, apart from the people who were obviously involved. And so that set me on this journey of personal development. And the therapist that I had introduced me to all kinds of other healing modalities. This is California you're talking about. Sure. And so, you know, that was in 1985. So it's been, you know, a little less than 40 years of development. And initially it was all about trying to fix myself. Do you mind sharing, because I'm sure the audience and whoever is listening would be curious, what country did this happen in? And is it just general physical torture? Are we also talking physical as well as sexual torture, that kind of thing? Physical torture. Yeah. OK. Yeah. And I'd rather not. Sorry. Sure. So, you know, so, yeah, I grew up with that and then I was working through it. And then I mean, I really climbed every inch of this ladder. Right. You know, I found a person who basically molested me when I was eight years old. Wow. And reunited him with my family. He still denied ever doing anything, but I unilaterally forgave him. But I worked through a lot of this. I would imagine. I stuck through every single inch. I didn't leave anything uncovered.

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