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See What's Happening And Coming Soon! Learn To Read Tarot Cards Course Coming Soon!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Psychic medium Christine products and service
psychic medium Christine Wallace psychic medium services


You will be getting some calls or messages from my assistant who will be checking in to see if there's anything else I can do for you, maybe it's been awhile and it's time to have another reading as well as offering you some discounted rates to my upcoming event and services.

Learn To Read Tarot Cards

Online learn to read tarot cards course coming soon!


I believe we all have psychic ability some of us more so than others and the difference is that those of us that use it more often their spiritual powers are stronger. psychic powers are like a muscle the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes. In order to learn to read tarot cards or to do tarot card readings you need to be able to tap into this ability of yours especially if you want to turn it into a business for yourself even if you want to do it for friends and family.

There are two issues we get into when we learn to read tarot cards,

many tarot card readers bump into when doing tarot card readings

1. doing it for yourself

2. doing readings for loved ones.

When you Learn To Do Tarot Card Readings for yourself sometimes you will second guess what the message is and how to apply it, many of us can't help being bias.

This also applies to people you care for as many don't want any disappointing info. Learning to read tarot cards you may find easier to do in an online business or social media to start.

With that being said how you intend to use these is of course up to you.

The online Tarot card reading course will teach you many things about the tarot such as it's origines in history, the meaning of the cards and layout. It will also go over practices for you to strengthen your psychic abilities as well.

When you learn to read tarot cards some will find it a lot easier than you thought it might be


Pre-recorded Psychic/Tarot Card Readings Sent To Your Inbox!

Right now you can still order a prerecorded video reading sent right to your email inbox. This service is at a special price until June/15/23

for only $25 it will go up to $75 so if you want a reading sent to you via email be sure to take advantage of this special before it's gone!.

Become A Member For Extra Perks


  1. June/15/23 New Membership Option

$95 Per Month because I will be adding lot's to this membership read list below.

You all enjoyed getting your monthly packages and that's great! you are locked into your membership without a price increase for jumping in early and getting more for your membership. So what's coming up mid June Christine?.

1. get monthly packages such as crystals, candles and more each month. These items promote healing , protection and balancing.

2. Get into courses 50% Off as well as upcoming events!

3. Any reading you choose will be half price as a member.

4. Guided Meditation and instructional Videos.

5. Every month you are automatically part of my petition ceremony where each month I do a prayer service for you and you get instructions each month to follow

January general good fortune for the new year, Feb, we work on love and relationships, March, is about healing from past traumas, April is about new beginnings, May, building a better foundation for your life moving forward, June gratitude and acceptance, July, Live and learn, August affirmations, Sept, learn to meditate, Oct, Breath Work, Nov, self examinations, Dec, reflections.

Open Enrollment June/15/23..

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