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How To Know You're Clairvoyant

Are you a clairvoyant? If so, congratulations! You’ve probably heard people refer to themselves as such, or their abilities, in some form of speech. However, being clairvoyant is not just any ability; it’s a gift that someone has, and only those with good a strong 6th sense can see things like this. Some people can see the future, others have psychic powers or other healing abilities. Even those who aren’t clairvoyant can still see the future when they are able to learn about it beforehand from a good psychic clairvoyant. So what makes someone a clairvoyant? Let’s find out!

1, What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a French word that means “Clear Seeing.” It’s a psychic ability in a way, the intuitive 6th Sense, and the subtle perception that allows us to see energy. We have our usual 5 senses of the body (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing), and we also have many psychic senses that the spirit uses to receive more subtle information, beyond the five ordinary senses.

Similar but not exactly the same as a psychic or medium,

A clairvoyant has different ways of seeing it's a visual experience where the clairvoyant can be in 2 different dimensions at the same time, be in a spiritual realm that most of us cannot see but just because we do not see it does not mean it's not there. A clairvoyant can see ghost, spirits and demons, and can also have visions of what is to come in the future or past it's almost like time travel but not. I am a psychic medium and clairvoyant and I will share my experience with clairvoyance in as much detail as I can.

Psychic Sleep

some call it a psychic sleep, I don't know why because it does not really feel like sleeping and while many can see dreams of what's to come that's not what happens in clairvoyance, it feels more like a trance state or being in a meditation. mostly I can bring myself to this place if I choose to use this ability or someone needs help but sometimes it can happen at random and if others' were seeing me while I am in this place or state it can seem like I am sleeping but I am not, I am either being transported to a place in the future of what is to come or seeing spirits, family members who have passed even ghost who are bound to this earth or demons that are causing trouble for my clients who have come to me for help.

It's been a long journey and has taken me many years to adjust to this life I live as a psychic medium clairvoyant because you see things sometimes that aren't wanted but as the years pass you become used to it like you get used to other things too and instead of trying to deny this ability you learn to embrace it and use it for good and help friends, family and people looking for the help of a trusted psychic clairvoyant.

Not everyone will experience clairvoyance in the same way I do, we might all be seeing but not always in the same way but at the end of the day what makes a clairvoyant is the ability to see all these things that no one else can.

Many people that have this psychic power, spiritual healing power or clairvoyance may feel so much pressure to do something with it , like I must have this for a reason they think to themselves so they hunt for ways to make use of it but this does not work like a regular job type thing or like an artist who has a beautiful voice should naturally become a singer and share her gift to earn a living from it, you must understand things like these are not choices we made remind yourself that we are chosen and just as these abilities have come to us without our consent or purposely trying to have it so will the rest just take place, it's only a matter of time before what you are meant to do will present itself to you and you will see how things just fall into place soon enough it's all about trusting the universe when it comes to things like this.

With all of the above being said about clairvoyance being a medium is automatically a part of it they do go hand in hand.

A psychic can see the past, present and future but does not need to also be a medium and see spirits, energies or beings from other dimensions but a clairvoyant is psychic and a medium as well as a healer and a guide. Having a strong 6th sense is a very powerful ability because it's gifts are far reaching and the above are just to name a few.

How to find a good psychic

1, a good psychic must live or work in a tarot shop or psychic shop that has good energy and you can feel it too. Stay clear of places that you feel heaviness or dirty looking places

2, a good psychic has lot's of experience in dealing with skeptics so she won't be asking you a bunch of questions and feels more comfortable with you just sitting there and allowing her to tell you what she sees and feels especially about your past to show you the validity of the reading so you may take her word for it when it comes to her telling you about your future. This should not be a general reading while many of us have lots in common there should be some parts where you say to yourself how does she know that?. If your psychic asks you anything it would only be to confirm to her that what she's saying resonates with you.

3, Many don't understand this and lots of people think a psychic should not charge for services but a true psychic knows how hard it is to muster up the energy to tune into a clients vibes and tell them what they see so another good indicator is the price point expect to pay a good and fair amount for a real psychic especially with decades of experience, good reviews and referrals as well as the famous ones. Psychic can charge from $150 to $700 an hour don't expect a lot from a $10 reading.

Do real psychics need Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls And Pendulums to see the future?

3,The essential tools of clairvoyants, psychics, mediums and healers

The answer to this question is yes, no and maybe sometimes. with most I am confident to say no, but so many people love tarot card readings, crystal balls and runes

4,Questions to ask before you decide to see a clairvoyant

1. does she have a nice and peace filled place to do my reading?

2 .does she look friendly, happy and glad to see me pop in?

3. is she pushing me to do something I don't feel ready for?

4 .is the reading accurate

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