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Do You Think Stress And Fear Are Bad For You?.

Of course it is depending on what you believe, As I always say you have to believe to receive that goodness is in your present and future and be prepared for a happy and fulfilling life where all your wishes and dreams are going to come true.

Whenever you are filled with stress, fear , anxiety and experience negative intrusive thoughts. it is absolutely possible to manifest and bring bad energy upon yourself and others and this will drive away people that you love and really don't want to lose!. This is not new information many religious books tell us that what we fear we will bring this into our lives.

With that being said it is believed by many that demons and bad spirits can hear us speak this or even hear us think about our fears and these evil spirits will know our weakness and use this to break us, ruin our lives even if we do not take control of our fears and strengthen our weaknesses so that they are non existent.

Bottom line is whether or not you want to look at this spiritually or logically the results are the same. Self sabotaging , not living up to our potential as a result, or even worst is if our thoughts are so dark we can not only ruin our lives but the lives of the ones we love if they stick around long enough for that to happen. I have seen many destroy a marriage that became co-dependent ultimately these couples had become addicted to the drama and needed each other to continue the drama because no one else would understand either of them anymore!, yup they created their own little world that only they could understand with kids who grew up feeling un- loved and starving for their parents affection and attention that eventually grew up with a void and had an unrealistic expectation of a partner or spouse filling this void that only a mother and father could do. This is something lot's of children who are now adults deal with and have to come to a place of acceptance that what they wanted from their parents would never be and a partners or spouse is not expected to love like a parent and give that kind of attention because relationship have equal responsibilities to one another,

There is so much more to say on this but I will leave you with this message. healing is vitally important to living a life that matters. Life is a gift (physician heal thyself). Sometimes there's a lot more going on on the inside than in what are eyes are seeing in others on the outside.

If you are feeling that some of this relates to you don't give up hope I have helped many to overcome these hurdles in life and so can you. Feel free to set up a consultation with me and let the healing begin!


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