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Did You Know?

You can get an audio message from me anytime you like download my Koji app

and simply send me your request.

request you card of the day, ask me for a message of encouragement, Your message from the universe, or just a pick me up and I will send you an audio reply once I get the notification.

This is an awesome feature for those of you who have recently had a reading with me and don't need a full reading, or you just need some motivation or to know what your card of the day is . You can use this feature as much or as little as you want.

here on the Koji app you can also play games like spin to win a free reading, ebooks and much more so click in and check it out I am sure your going to just love it, not only is it helpful but it can be fun as well. I do plan to update even more features soon!.

Just to let you know what else is coming soon.

I am currently working on a service called @Healingheartsclub here you will find tips and tricks to mend a broken heart, take a quiz and get some awesome tools for building a healthy relationship without dragging in any toxic vibes from the past. I am looking to heal some hearts out there so I will notify all of my subscribers once this project is completed I am currently taking donations to build the most awesome app for all of my clients needs. I have a really perfect understanding of all the people I have worked for all these years and seeing new people all the time over the last 30 years so I am very experienced in creating an app that will be good for everyone at whatever stage there are in in their lives. Sending much love and light to all my readers. Namaste


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