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Channeling Spirits By Christine Wallace

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I have just completed an interview for on channeling spirits and as I had

mentioned in the article this is something best left to the pro's because we never can really know what kind of spirit we are channeling exactly and many have brought to themselves bad spirits that they can't shake and even as a pro removing them can be a challenge. click link to read the article

Who are the spirits,what are the spirits, and where are they?

The spirits are everywhere around us, some ghost, some demons and angels. We live in a multidimensional universe just because we can't see it does not mean they do not exist. Our eyes have human limitations but our spirit does not, when we can see through our 3rd eye with psychic powers and clairvoyance we can see demons, spirits and other beings such as fairies and those who take care of the earth and live in nature. A medium, psychic or clairvoyant goes back and forth between worlds and are able to channel these spiritual beings and it can very much take a great toll on one's energy we usually come back from there feeling as if we have run a marathon.

We are all somewhat psychic mostly born with this gift and it is no surprise when you hear it's a generational thing it does run in families just like anything else.

Anyone can run into them from time to time though and see shadows, hear whispers and see lot's in psychic sleep when we think we are dreaming but spirits come to us in this state warning us and letting us know of good or bad events coming to us in many cases when we get a bad message we have the ability to change some outcomes depending on the situation.

When I do a reading for someone in some cases a relative can pop up to give a message but usually this comes to me unexpected but when I go into meditation for my clients I do connect with these spirits both good and bad to understand why there have attached themselves to someone and resolve the issue and hopefully send the spirit to where they need to be, in some cases there's so much anger in them they attach to the earth and do not move into the light and in other cases they do not even know they have passed on. Every situation is as different as we are in this realm not all are the same and some can be very complex and this is why I advise that channeling spirits should be left to professionals who have lots of experience.

If you are dealing with something that mediumship is needed don't hesitate to contact me and book a session.


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