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Am I Psychic? Worldwide Psychic Reader Christine Wallace On The Subject Test Below

Updated: Jan 22, 2022


I personally believe that everyone has a certain amount of psychic ability but some more so than others which leads us to a question, why?

one of the main reasons would be use, are you meeting with people offering readings or psychic advice? many of you will say no or not often, but on the other hand do you find friends, family members asking you for life advice all the time? the more you do this the stronger your ability becomes and it is a sign if everyone instinctively comes to you for life advice because they might be feeling your vibes and just not realize why you are their go to person

Other ways to strengthen your ability psychic ability, are working with crystals, reading self help books because you also need to be healed yourself for it to really shine through. If you want to be on the path of helping others

by strengthening your gifts, read plenty of psychic books and learn about others on the path of psychic powers and how it's working for them also

meditation is a big one do not underestimate the power of meditation meditation is your best friend on the road to developing and getting charged up opening the portals of spiritual powers.

Be aware that psychic powers don't all come to us in the same way, you may be clairsentient, clairaudient or clairvoyant some of us feel things, hear things and even see things for some such as myself it's all of the above, the only one I have never worked on is astrology I have someone make astrology charts and use what I feel as a psychic to guide writers whenever I want to make them.

Many of you are seeing messages in dreams or experiencing deja-vu seeing spirits in your home even deceased family members who pop in to check up on you. My point is it can come and go when it wants in multiple ways again for me all of the above even as a child, it certainly helped that I grew up in a family of believers, superstitious and followed different remedies for different spiritual ailments and even to stop the dreams of family members from coming to say hi because it can be too emotionally overwhelming to the person it's happening too.

What about the spiritual divination tools such as tarot cards readings, crystal balls, chakra balancing, reiki healing and ouij boards.

Seems there are so many things to use as predictions for the future do they really work?

Yes there are many divination tools out there I only use a few things that I know are from the light I do not work with anything such as oujj-boards and I have reasons for that, when you are looking to communicate with the others from another dimension you just never know what type of energy or spirit your bringing in and once they come in those little bastards are hard to shake believe me I have been dealing with getting rid of bad energy and evil spirits my whole life.

Tarot, tea leaf readings, crystals and psychic powers work with the person who is here now and we are only tapping into the future and how to best navigate what's ahead or how best to avoid any trouble or even simply gain some knowledge not anything from spirits or other beings from other dimensions just two normal people going over the cycles of one person life in a small room with dim lights filled with rich colors. the higher power we deal with though is a gift from God and we all have a gift we have been born with but just like someone is born with a gift to sing there are others with other gifts such as being a sensitive or psychic.

There are though circumstance that do arise when I do need to connect to other worlds and c

rossover in order to communicate on behalf of a client who is in need of spiritual help and or to get rid of unwanted spirits or get rid of any type of bad energy

Take this test to see if you have psychic ability

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