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Abandoned (Fear, Anxiety, Life Purpose, Spiritual Healing, Rejection, Broken Heart, Love, Happiness,

I'm a firm believer in the power of the mind and our ability to change our reality simply by utilizing this magnificent power given to us by our minds.

This ebook is dedicated to the simple goal of reminding you of the power you have within yourself to change your reality and heal yourself. There are several ways we can use our minds to heal ourselves and solve our problems, but the goal of this ebook is to focus on helping you overcome the anxiety that comes from the fear of rejection.

Anxiety is familiar to us all. It is visible in our minds and causes us to feel overly nervous, apprehensive, and scared. It is sometimes even visible in our physical state. You can often find anxious people pacing, nibbling on their fingers, scratching their hair, shaking, experiencing tightness in the stomach, agitated, etc. These signs reveal the restless and distressed state of their minds.

One reason why people feel anxious can be linked to the uncertainty that will result from an action or event. When you are uncertain of your future or whatever might happen, you might find yourself trapped within the cage of anxiety. One major cause of this anxiety stems from the fear of rejection.

The fear of rejection is a powerful fear capable of paralyzing and limiting us. It isn't just a tiny part of our lives. This is because every day, we spend time trying to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals. In the process of doing these, we more often than not place ourselves in situations where there is a possibility that we might get rejected.

But what happens when your fear of rejection cripples you?

What happens when your anxiety limits you and prevents you from taking any action?

What happens if your fear only seems to keep growing to the point where you are too scared to take any chances or put yourself out there?

If this is an issue you struggle with, then this ebook in your hand is a powerful tool that will help you find your way to freedom and unlock the power within to overcome the anxiety you feel due to the fear of rejection.

You are holding in your hands information that can change your life and your reality forever. Move on to the following chapters and start this journey of self-healing.

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