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Psychic advice on feelings and facts

the ones that you or the voices of past experiences and others have not put into your head and have caused you to put your own spin on situations , this is when the universe is connecting and communicating with us our soul becomes one with the universe and for that moment we are clear and in that moment we are being directed from a place that is genuine ,loving and on our side .

Another important part of seperating feelings from facts is the ability to decipher feelings from facts ,this is an artistry one can master by simply observing your own thoughts and feelings and asking yourself where all this noise derives from and as a result what seemed so big and dreadful suddenly starts to look small and insignificant and this is when things are coming together for you and you are starting to see things as they are , this will put you in a postition of power over your circumstances . Its also important to note that trusting that there is something greater than us at work and that we are lead to people , places and things for a reason that serves the world ,others in it and ourselves so however dreadful life can feel from time to time its important to realize that these situations are happening for a reason knowing and trusting that is going to help you roll with the punches and bounce back quickly . Believing is an important part of your lifes journey I do know that this is easier said than done because getting burned so many times in life causes us to second guess everything and everyone but once we get passed that part guess what ? we continue to grow still , even from that place of gloom and doom that seems so permanent fades away and you will learn to trust again once you come to a place of understanding the ones that burned you and realize that they are sick with suffering and you caught this sickness from them but just like some sicknesses there are cures and treatments we can use to heal .be sure to check out my book this blog pics up where the book leaves off

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