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Loving yourself is it a must ?

loving yourself might be one of the most important things you should do . Treat yourself as if you were your own mother is one way to do that . I explained in my last post on the subject as to why it is so important and I can come up with even more but let your own imagination run wild with the number of reason because in this post I want to talk about how to love yourself .One of the best ways to love yourself is to forgive yourself . You would forgive someone your love if they made a mistake or chose poorly , you would have no reservations about forgiving your own child right ? well like I said above I'd like you to take care of yourself and to forgive yourself as if you were your own child . There are so many ppl that you will meet in your journey that will give you such a hard time , do you want to ad yourself to that list ? why don't you start being good to yourself by forgiving yourself from any past mistakes that you made , I've observed in lots of my clients how harshly they tend to judge themselves . Your human too and that means that your not always going to do the right things ,sometimes your going to make mistakes none of us are perfect and any other human being should understand that too but nonetheless sometimes they can be just plain stubborn and won't but that doesn't mean that you can't be the better person and forgive yourself and not beat yourself up over stuff that has happened before because that's how we learn , we learn from our mistake and we make corrections and modify ourselves because of them .this is an important part of our spiritual journey . let me know if you found this helpful ? BTW I look forward to seeing you every Wednesday 9pm Est on my livestream Q&A on instagram @psychicreadingexpert

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