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How Do I Know If I Am Psychic. ten signs you have psychic powers

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

How can you know if you have a spiritual gift , it's different for anyone who does have extra sensory perception. Some experience strong lucid dreams and if in those dreams you can see people who have passed away like family, friends or even spiritual beings such as angels or spirits than this is what you call psychic medium ability during what is called a psychic sleep.

How about gut feelings or what some say is women's intuition.There are a number of men who do psychic readings and are mediums but it does seem to be more common in women than in men. Masculine energy in a way is very earth bound feminine energy is so light and airy and open. We have acceptance easier in comparison and because of our maternal vibes intuitive abilities attach themselves to us.

Another may experience what is called astral projection same as an outer body experience which I experience quite a bit when I am in a psychic sleep.

Have you ever thought about someone and they suddenly call you a minute later? How about thinking of a song and it comes on the radio? If you’ve experienced these, there is a big chance that you’re psychic.

Being psychic however is more than just being able to tell when something is about to happen. Being psychic is about having heightened senses and having the capability to communicate in other, non-verbal ways. How can you tell if you’re psychic? Here are 10 signs that can indicate you have the gift:

Deja vu is a common experience for you – If you often feel like you’ve already experienced what you are going through, you might have the power of foresight. This is one of the most telling signs that you have a psychic ability. or even very connected to your past life, you might be an old soul and experiencing unusual experiences as a result. If so it might be a good idea for you to try a past life reading

You have a very strong peripheral vision – Ever experience seeing someone in the corner of your eye yet when you look, no one is there? This is another sign of having heightened senses. Seeing shadows, orbs, and figures passing by even when there is no one around indicates you’re clairvoyant.

You hear people talking even when you’re all alone – No, you’re not going crazy. If you hear music or people whispering when no one is around, this is another sign of being a psychic.

You can easily read a person’s personality – Feeling a certain vibe about a person is also a telltale sign of having a psychic ability. Even if you’ve only met someone, you can easily tell what kind of person they are.

Dogs and cats can communicate with you – If you find yourself understanding how your pet feels or knowing what they want, it is possible that you are in touch with your higher senses.

You have vivid dreams – Ever find yourself remembering your dreams in detail and wondering why? If this happens frequently, you might be psychic.

The dark freaks you out – If you need a nightlight or don’t like dark places, don’t be ashamed. It’s probably because you sense more things around you when it’s dark. This indicates a higher possibility that you’re psychic.

You wake up during the witching hour – This is the time between 2 am and 4 am. If you find yourself wide awake at this time of the night, waiting for something to happen, it might be your psychic senses tingling.

Crowds are uncomfortable for you – If you feel overwhelmed when you’re in a crowd, it might be because your senses are on overload from all the thoughts around you.This is what people call being an empath, the ability to feel another

You can easily tell how a person feels even if they don’t say it – Being able to sense how a person feels, even if they don’t tell you, is also a sign that you are psychic. This can help you discern whether or not what they are saying is in line with what they are thinking.

If you experience any of these, there is a possibility that you are indeed psychic. Having psychic abilities can be very useful particularly in relationships. You can easily understand your partner, know what they are feeling, and find ways to improve your relationship with the help of such foresight.

If you don’t experience any of these however and want some help fixing your relationship, don’t despair. You can get help from a psychic who are already in touch with their abilities. For guidance, advice and for broken relationships. Christine Wallace can also help you find out how you can improve your relationships and what you can do to be more in tune with your partner’s feelings.

Welcome and I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below if you have had any of the experiences and I will help you to understand these gifts especially if you need help or are experiencing any problems that may require spiritual assistance.

I am your psychic Christine Wallace if you would like to book a session with me I have 2 locations for your convenience 810 Chestnut street Philadelphia, Pa 19107

Or choose 7156 Thornton Ave Newark, California 94560

to book a psychic session in either location call 855-70-Tarot , you may also go to the booking session and choose a services that's best for you. Once you arrive I can also make a recommendation on a service for you as well. Zoom sessions and phone sessions are available even after general business hours.


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