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Q. How Long do the readings last?

A. This will depend on two factors. If you choose a deep reading it can be an hour or more depending on your situation and how much there is to tell. If you choose a basic reading like palm reading for general overview about thirty minutes

Q. Do you help to remove blocks, bad energy or assists with healing bad karma?

A.Yes I have helped many people over the years with many types of problems please check memberships to see some of my services for helping and healing.

Q. Do you offer phone consultations

A. Yes I do long distance consultations via zoom, facetime and phone.

Q. Are long distance make the readings less accurate?

A. Absolutely Not!. Energy has no limits and it is instantaneous transmission through the quantum world. I tune into your energies and tell you everything you need to know.


Ordering out of State or Country

Distance Healing

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