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Psychic Self Examination Part 1.Psychic Christine Wallace Digging in Deep

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Welcome to my Blog Psychic Christine Wallace

I have been working as a psychic/medium and healing advisor now for about 35 years, of course after so long working with people from all walks of life from the rich and famous to the more conservative types in business and finance world and many of them have left me some wonderful reviews And may I mention how I appreciate that.

I was out of doing readings for the public for close to a decade and was requested by a few clients to focus only on them for a few years and referrals and I did exactly that and many came to me not really looking for a psychic but the universe has always put things together when we least expect and now I have come back to serve the public again. I believe the universe allowed me this extra time to do lots of healing work within myself and on those I have served for years which includes celebrities and some who I have served who work really hard behind the scenes as well. Check Media page

How Do You Respond To Change?

  • lots of time grieving and find it really hard adjusting

  • don't let myself get too attached live in the moment

  • Keep pushing to have my own way until it's done

  • good and bad things happen for the greatest good

My goal in creating this blog is to share information and for us to share information with one another. In life there is suffering, we are all sick with suffering because most of us want to be in control , and if we don't have control we feel sick with suffering for example ,we want to fill our lives with the people we love, all the things we like of course such as a home, a car, fame and fortune, washer and dryer , not have to work for a living and so on and so on. we don't like it when people we love want to leave us such as friends, family or romantic partners or things or people we like to be lost like a death of a loved one and even though death is a part of life and we should have all gotten adjusted to it by now we still fight with death tooth and nail and the center of this is the need for control of thing we like and things we don't like . Even control over the things we don't like such as death, sickness, poverty, and old age just to name a few.

People have been wanting to extend youth and if they could of course we'd want to eliminate it completely, conquer death and have power over anything we find to be of the slightest inconvenience such as doing the dishes or having a remote control for everything of course we would build things to take care of issues we don't want to deal with but before we know it now we don't like unpacking the dishes or folding the laundry and putting everything away one solution seems to lead to another set of inconveniences we don't want to address or be bothered with so we even invented the miracle mop not to have to strain the water from our mops.


If your really think about it everything down to this PC I am typing on now was invented to MAKE LIFE EASIER OR SOLVE A PROBLEM ALL TOGETHER!. We all want to move away from suffering or at very least prolong the inevitable as long as we possibly can. But to my knowledge I have yet to really see anyone getting to the root core of what it is that causes us to want to have all this control? is it a big ego? is it delusional or even childish and unrealistic

Yes, We do invent things to make life easier to a great degree even the most trivial things , it's clearly a primitive desire to have control and be the masters of our universe and everyone else's universe too'

So the dishes are in the dishwasher being cleaned , The miracle mop is overrated but better than the regular ones and our messages reach their destination instantly vs regular mail but what about the other stuff? Can I make a person love me when they don't, should I even try or would I just be wasting my good energy ? even if I did force staying together against the other persons will how long could I actually pull that off? even if I could at some point one of us will die and be separated by the forces of nature. What if my partners goes first I'd be right back where I started just grieving the loss.

There will ultimately be more dishes and laundry to clean so it was not a permanent solution. Hmm come to think of is anything permanent ? what really last forever in the world where we have seen right before our eyes some of the greatest loves fall to pieces in divorce! were we all being delusional and just seeing what we wanted to see ?.

A. Nothing last forever, change is inevitable down to the new dress I just bought that was very expensive, it's really just a matter of time before it withers up and falls apart and I can no longer wear it. If this was true and it is have my efforts all been wasted and what should I do with this information should this transform me somehow?

A. 1.Yes This info should transform you into appreciating every single day you are alive and breathing, not flushing years of your life trying to get control of other people that will by hook or crook end for one reason or another. But is that so terrible or is it a blessing that everything changes. (example) if your sad now the sunshine is coming around soon enough and it seems like we do change like the seasons,

I have heard people say " The Seasons of Life or this is my season"


So What's the solution?

I am not suggesting that wanting to control everything is the problem in itself but wanting to have total control is a reaction to something much deeper and this is attachment as I had pointed out earlier in this post. Because we get attached to people, ideas, material things and not just these things but also drugs, and drinking. This is the place in life where we begin to lose balance and our need to control because of our attachments this leads to a life of suffering and for this reason we must open our eyes and ask ourselves what is our truth? what is motivating me after all and if you find after lifting one layer after another to get to an answer you are not especially proud to even allow yourself to know then we should get rid of this immediately!.

Once you know the truth change becomes suddenly very easy .

Much less worry, anxiety and suddenly the truth has set you free and before you know it you are as happy as a Buddha .

Is it really that simple?

Yes! it can be as simple as that. Knowing your truth will really set you free and here is a list of instructions to begin a life filled with joy and happiness which can be one of the very very few things you can actually manage to hold onto alway's

  1. Write down all the positive things change brings to you and the world

  2. Begin with meditation and staring into the flame of your intention candle and whatever issue you are facing this moment start asking why (breath deeply inhale positive energy and exhale negative energy in this practice.)

After asking yourself why this situation is making you feel this way continue by asking why does it make you feel that way and once that answer comes keep up with digging and digging with even more why's like is there a time you felt this way before and again why did that happen and once you reach the answer that truly I mean truly you know to be 100% true you will need to work on healing from that , the core or root of your troubles.

3. regardless of anything that happened to hurt or disappoint you always allow others and encourage others to follow whatever they feel would make them happy even if that does not include you. And if you end up feeling hurt because of this ask yourself why your feeling that way and refer back to lesson 2.

5. Know this to be true and repeat this to yourself .

I trust the universe and that all things happen for a reason and in perfect timing.

There is no shortage of men or women in the world there is a perfect match for me out there.

if I choose to be in a committed relationship.


Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is my responsibility and other people's happiness is not my responsibility.

Today I will make myself more of a priority and no longer put the wants and needs of others above my own and in this way I will not be angry , feel used or have any resentment toward anyone. Every day , week , month and year is another chance to begin again.


1.The first noble truth states that suffering exists. This doesn't mean that life is always bad, but rather that it is full of difficulties and challenges. These challenges can be physical, like old age, sickness, and death. It can also be emotional, like encountering unpleasant things or separating from the pleasant.

In this truth, the Buddha is saying that life is not perfect and that we will all experience some level of suffering. However, he also teaches that the origin of our suffering is within our own minds.

2. The Cause of Suffering

The cause of suffering is craving and fundamental ignorance. We suffer because of our mistaken belief that we are a separate, independent, solid “I.” The painful and futile struggle to maintain this delusion of ego is known as samsara, or cyclic existence.

I will add to this in saying it is our ego that wants to establish control and therefor we go into a thinking that somehow we have the right to have things as we want them to be and of course when we want as well and when we don't get what we want we cry and scream like children who don't understand the ways of the world that we can't have everyone do what we want them to do all the time but if we do not wake up to this truth we then become attached to whatever we think might make us happy or what we believe we deserve or should have and of course this is the talking ego the one that tell us all these horrible things about our lives, get jealous of many trivial things others have while continually never ceases to sabotage us in any given situation. Overcoming the ego would mean overcoming attachment to people and things and this ridiculous childish idea that we should just be able to control everything in our environment because it's comfortable and enjoyable to me and others don't agree because they just don't understand when in reality they do understand but you are trying to take away the right subconsciously for them to have an honest point of view.(example) Just because I don't agree doesn't mean I don't understand.

The second noble truth explains the origin of suffering. It states that the cause of suffering is our endless dissatisfaction. People can never be satisfied, and that is the nature of humankind. This unending dissatisfaction stems from our desires, cravings, and attachments.

This truth teaches that the cause of our suffering is within ourselves. It's not because of what life throws at us, but rather how we react to those things.

3. The End of Suffering

The good news is that our obscurations are temporary. They are like passing clouds that obscure the sun of our enlightened nature, which is always present. Therefore, suffering can end because our obscurations can be purified and awakened mind is always available to us.

By living ethically, practicing meditation, and developing wisdom, we can take exactly the same journey to enlightenment and freedom from suffering that the buddhas do. We too can wake up. It is such a bittersweet moment to wake up and see the truth about everything. the rest can take time but it will all come together.

The third noble truth states that the cessation of suffering is possible. This doesn't mean that we will never experience difficult situations again, but it does mean that we can find a way to end our suffering.

The Buddha is proof that there is an end to man's suffering when he reached Nirvana. Nirvana is the state of liberation from our desires, cravings, and attachments. It is not something that happens overnight, but rather it is something that can be achieved through following the Eightfold Path.

4. The Path

  • Ethics: Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood

  • Concentration: Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration

  • Wisdom: Right Understanding, Right Intentions

The Buddha teaches us to follow these noble paths to free ourselves from the clutches of suffering.

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