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Your Story Matters Sharing Means Caring 2022.Share Your Story

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Listen in to story's of what some others are going through to learn more about your story go to or simply post your story onto my forum I will also provide guidance and advice to you via the forum as well.

EXTRA'S I WOULD LOVE SOME OF MY LISTENERS AND FOLLOWER TO SHARE THEY'RE STORIE! I believe you have a whole lot to share as do I because I just just go on and on lol but this is a bit different I know that when we share our story with others we have the power to spread good karma because this is a wonderful way to help other women who are experiencing something similar to what your going through you troubles that people can relate to and your triumphs that can inspire other women as well. You can be anonymous that's not problem give yourself a pseudo-name on my forum and let's share and spread positive!. Have you ever thought maybe you were put on this earth to help and serve others? It's my belief that this is one of the main reasons we are put on this earth all the shared stories we have learned from by us speaking to our friends and family , communicating how we felt. about our experiences and learning from others too. All the books, movies and music. For many of us books and self help have been life savers, ppls stories have yes meant sooooo much to us and made us change our minds a live a better life for it. Share With Us click link in my bio to my website go to the forum page. I also look forward to giving some people guidance, answering questions and directing people to some helpful materials they can use while reading along your story from then or now. #psychicnearme #psychicadvice #lookingforlove #whereismysoulamte #empoweringwomen #relationshipadviceforwomen #spiritualistnearme

Send in your story your name and personal info is all private and confidential.

In this story let's call her Jane , she is a lady who ignored the red flags because it was more important to win the dream of marriage and a family of her own, she needed to love a spouse, children the whole dream most of us have as women and this can make so many women vulnerable to narcissists predators looking to take advantage of others, confuse and control them. It is so important not to ignore those red flags please don't deny their existence.

Click this link below to listen to Janes Story

In my feeling about all of this his mother had felt very threatened by Jane and did not want to lose him to his wife the only way she felt that she could keep him is through controlling him to control her she I had felt was the root cause of all this and when Jane became more vocal about it she had lost respect for a man she once thought she could love because she saw him as no longer a man she could look up to but his mothers puppet. As I have mention in previous podcast this type of negative energy can be more contagious than corona virus it's like a sickness that affects everyone and destroys families and lives that had the potential for happiness. By the time Jane had caught up with me this marriage was beyond repair once respect is gone there is no rebuilding with or without his mother putting her 2 cents in but more importantly I did feel that she could be happiest living for herself and her child moving forward. I felt eh did want to make this divorce hard on her he has already come to realize he was wrong but his mother is good with this for now .


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