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Welcome Members! here is where I will be posting up some helpful tips

So Happy you are here!,

I am looking forward to serving you here where you will find helpful information moving forward. my goal is to help you come out of the darkness and into leading a happy and more fulfilling life. Find your mantra , affirmations, healing videos and more right here for all your spiritual needs and tools for growth.

I believe that when one clears away whatever is blocking their growth is nothing but freedom from worries, anxiety about the future , self sabotaging behaviors and the list goes on, And what is left is the true self,( Calm, Wise And Happy) Your authentic self and what is truly important to you but first we need to get rid of all the toxic energies you have accumulated that have worn you down or have distracted you from living your life peacefully. Let's begin with some simple practices below.

Notice your thoughts,many of us move through life the mind is yapping and always yapping to no end and we have gotten so used to being our own worst critic that we hardly even pay attention anymore to what it's saying and then wonder why we are in such a bad state.

starting now I am advising you to listen and pay attention!

Ask yourself would you speak to another human being the same way as your mind is speaking to you? if the answer is no and I bet it is then why do you listen and pay any attention to this enemy of yours? who's voice is this anyway, who does the negative abusive voice sound like pay attention. Does it sound like you? a parent? an ex? now ask yourself why would this voice sound like this person and let me know the answer send me a message on this. Moving forward if what this voice is saying does not serve you and it's taking up space rent free it's time to get rid of this voice and replace it with a tenant that will take better care of your property!.

Let's begin with an attitude of gratitude

starting tomorrow morning get a crystal, a stone or a rock and every single day hold this in the palm of your right hand and think of 2 things you feel grateful for.

Thank you again for being here this is our first post on our new members blog more coming soon!

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