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Twin Flame and Their Meaning

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The “Mirror Soul”

Throughout our lives we build connections and relationships. Every one of them offers to teach us something different. With the Twin Flame being considered the one that offers the most chance for growth. It is believed that twin flames are a soul that begins as a single entity, until it is split between two bodies. The two souls mirror each other, causing an intense connection between individuals.

Identifying a Twin Flame

  • When you meet, it will resemble the feeling of finally being home.

    • First meeting your twin flame can trigger an intense sense of attraction, recognition, and yearning. They will feel familiar, almost like you’ve known them far longer than you actually have.

  • You are both alike

    • Two souls will often go through similar trials and tribulations. And you will both find yourselves sharing things like, common values, interest, and past experiences. There are only so many “coincidences,” two people can have.

  • You feel attracted to them

    • Not attracted like they are attractive. Attracted like a magnet. You will both feel pulled towards each other, both physically and spiritually. Always seeming to want to be closer. Sometimes feeling their energy with you, when they are physically not.

  • Your connection is almost psychic

    • Anyone can finish each other’s sentences with enough time. But Twin Flames will know exactly what their other half is thinking and why. Communicating with as little as a glance or touch. Sometimes sensing the others emotions or symptoms.

  • It is easier for you to push each other

    • Due to the mirror effect of the souls. Twin flames challenge us to do and be better. Due to the mirror effect, you will find your purposes aligned, pushing you both to explore new heights. The relationship promotes growth and offers expansive capabilities.

  • Your Insecurities and Doubts feel Amplified

    • Emotions and attraction are not the only things amplified. Your insecurities, fears, and doubts are also heightened. Remember your twin flame is a mirror, their purpose is to show you the things being held back. Forcing you to confront them, which will allow you to work through them. Coming through stronger and more spiritually balanced on the other side.

What is the Purpose of a Twin Flame?

Twin Flames provide spiritual growth, offering the awakening of your soul. Though they were once the same soul, the individuality of the person is not at risk. A twin flame speeds up your growth, assist with releasing wounds, leading to true and complete self-love. They can be incredibly difficult to overcome, due to them shining a light on insecurities and fears. Challenges that must be overcome for spiritual growth to take place.

So, a twin flame relationship is the most romantic and the most passionate as they are spiritually married. Your twin flame will challenge you, teach you, love you and heal you. They help you to get enlightened and be your best version. You will have only one twin flame and when you meet them you will know it.


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