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Is Tyler Henry a Real Psychic Medium

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Tyler Perry, Psychic Medium , Book Writer, Celebrity psychic, Tv star Let's think about it.

1. he has a place to book an appointment but never any replies not

him or staff.

2. The only people he was originally doing readings for were the pe

ople on the same tv station he had a show on

3. There is no price available to know how much he charges.

My understanding is his first experience of seeing into the future is predicting the death of his grandmother, many people who have close relationships to a specific a person does see a dream or sign especially of a family member especially you can get a general idea if they are elderly or sick.

I am in no way denying his ability but I really don't think it's fair to lead people to believe a private reading is available to the public or that he takes appointments is good when in reality he is not available for this and to access to him is only available to other famous people or connecting to the famous for the rise of his career which is still ok but if his gift is meant to heal or help the public he should not be limiting himself to only those who could further his career. or just for people in an audience who can pop a question randomly to him in an audience setting on such a sensitive topic like the death of a family member and such a private matter, I am sure people would pay for his services however high and be willing to wait for an appointment. With this being said fame is not proof of an authentic psychic.

Good psychic's can charge a pretty penny if they like this is fine as a psychic reader myself I know how much work is involved and how much it also means to the people that come in to get answers to their most sensitive questions and prefer a private and comfortable place to discuss these personal matters that are truly from the heart and highly sensitive.

If you are looking to have a psychic reading done or just need to get out so much you have been holding in for so long do not hesitate to just reach out and we can set up a meeting. In some cases it's not so much about a reading but to help explain to you the reasons as to why things are as they are like troubles you may be facing in love, or unresolved conflict with family or even the loss of a loved one through death or even break up and the grieving just does not seem to end. I can explain all of this to you and help you heal and recover by getting to the root core of the issue and bring you back to your authentic self.

As many of you know I do go back and forth from East to west coast to see current clients and new appointments as well. If your in the Bay Area right now and would like to schedule an appointment call 855-70-Tarot to contact and schedule.

Currently in my Philadelphia location you can meet my Sister Psychic Cindy who is offering a 2-4-1 special on all Readings until Halloween so do take advantage of that and mention this special as a walk-in. Cindy and I work together in special circumstances that may require both of us to assist you on your spiritual journey


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