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: Redfin wants to feature Psychic Christine Wallace on our blog!

So Redfin is a major real estate company and people buying new homes want the very best luck 🍀 when making probably the biggest investment of their lives. Houses have b known to have a life of there own in a way and can absorb energy from previous owners. We hope that the last tenants left on a good note and experienced lots of wonderful memories there. So we want t bring some energy of our own into our new house 🏡 . Happy homes are up to us if we have good vibes so will our home this is why Redfin wanted me to tell them what is the best house plant 🪴 to generate some awesome vibes. I was asked wha Sign I want t work with so of course I picked my own which is Capricorn . Read what others are saying for the best plants and if you a plan to buy some playa for your place I wish you good luck with your plant 🪴 choices best for your sign! link to article

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