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Real Psychic Christine Wallace Share Chakra Affirmations

Manifestations and Mantras Coming soon ! so be sure to subscribe to get a notification whenever I post

Here in this podcast episode we will be working first on 7 chakra affirmations that will help in multiple ways such as

  1. Promoting self love

  2. self awareness

  3. open heartedness and trust

  4. open chakras

  5. connection

  6. oneness

So these 7 chakra affirmations should be used once a week for the next 3 weeks and then after anytime you need, of course you can use them as much as you like but these are my recommendations for you.

Most of us have an interest in the mysterious abilities that all humans are born with, but how many of us actually take the time to slow down and listen to our own inbuilt intuition.

If you want to learn to be a Reiki healer and develop your spiritual healing skills, learning how to tune in to your gifts, extrasensory perception and sixth sense, to be able to help yourself and to give healings to others then this comprehensive online Reiki Course is for you!

The word healing or Reiki is very broad in meaning and many other terms are used to describe the abilities and skills discussed in this course, for example, intuition, extrasensory perception or sixth sense.

In the modern world we rush round so much that we often don’t stop to consider what is around us. Also we are so used to being told that psychism, mysticism and spiritual healing is wrong or nonsense that we don’t pay enough attention to our intuition. You need to be able to slow down if you are going to recognise what your healing abilities and intuition is trying to say.

We all have psychic and healing abilities. Some people find it easier to access and use these abilities than others. Having a positive attitude and learning to relax, imagine and trust will help you to develop your own. Try to stay upbeat about it and don’t be impatient. Trust in your own natural power.

Psychic and healing intuition isn’t all about prediction it's also about healing and It’s acknowledge what is happening around you and the people and feelings you come into contact with. Psychic abilities and healing can be thought of as latent human abilities that have been ignored and you only need to wake them up. Hence considering them as a sixth sense.

Some people are born with their psychic and gift to heal abilities active and a natural part of their lives. Others need to work harder to obtain results. However, Reiki healers and

psychics are not mind readers (although they can be!). Therefore, they don’t necessarily know all your secrets.

Psychic information arrives through your subconscious which is constantly gathering information and seeing patterns, although you might often ignore it. To use your spiritual abilities you need to transfer what your subconscious recognises to your conscious mind.

Information received psychically is more complex way than that received through your other senses. This is why psychics are able to help people. A psychic sees a person as a whole, although they pick up on certain events,

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