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Psychic Reading/Medium/Life Coach Christine Wallace Membership Specials Coming Soon!

Guess what’s coming soon !

In just a few days it will be live on my website to my amazing members!

And anyone can join.

1.When you are a member of my new plan you will get monthly update psychic readings via video and written depending on what I see for you.

  1. You will get a monthly gift box with crystals, intention candles and anything that will help in your spiritual journey every month delivered to your door.

  2. Discounts on products, services and ticketed events online and or in person

  3. I will create special instructional materials for living a life of purpose, helping you to understand your life purpose and set you on the right path.

  4. Spiritual wellness

  5. Self love

  6. Distance healing and much more with each and every month you are a part of this program .

  7. Life tips

  8. Mantra’s and affirmations

  9. Relationship advice

Having a psychic/life coach available to you whenever you need and helping you in your life’s journey is priceless! (I am completely committed to the overall welfare and happiness of my clients and members ) I always want to provide my clients with the best tools and services, knowledge and awareness they need to live a happy purpose driven life

And now this is all available to you for only $17.75 per month! Satisfaction guaranteed to turn your life around for the better and if not satisfied you can drop out of the plan at anytime, no long term commitments this is a month to month services .I do suggest you try it for 3 month minimum to get a fuller understanding of the rewards, lessons and benefits of this program

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